{24/09/2010}   My first foray into the blogosphere/a waffly first blog post with little direction!

By way of blog introduction, I want to explain Green Bottle Tree’s name.

In 1995 I spent a semester at Ole Miss (University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi).  There’s a cafe and bakery in Oxford called Bottletree Bakery.  I loved it.  The food, the drinks, the environment.  It’s the first cafe I ever truly appreciated and it’s one of only a few memorable ones I’ve ever been to.  The name stuck.

I then discovered an African (Congolese) superstition whereby bottles are hung from trees.  The bottles catch evil spirits, drawn to the colours livened up by the sun.  The idea of bottle trees is now quite popular in the Deep South, both to ward off evil spirits and as recycled art.

Traditionally, blue bottles are used.  I like green and I didn’t like that Blue Bottle Tree could be read as blue bottle tree and blue bottle flies are germ spreading, maggot producing buzzy things that I don’t like!

What will you find out about if you read Green Bottle Tree?

I should’ve mentioned in the “About Me” section that I lack direction!  I know that blogs need a purpose but I’m hoping that my pursuit of creative inspiration, experimentation and persevering with a project, ie a regularly updated blog, will tickle your interest too.

I’m not too sure what will come out of this but how about a list of things I want to achieve with this blog:

[Ridiculous, I know, but listing things makes this seem like a very important and significant step.  I’m taking this too seriously perhaps!]

1. Continue having random thoughts and ideas but to put them all in one place: here.
2. Get at least one follower who isn’t a loyal, supportive friend to follow and contribute to this blog.
3. Learn to be concise.
4. Follow things through.  Eg I bought some grey and white stripy jersey material with a view to making a top, without a pattern.  My current self will never even attempt to make this top.  [My current self and future self also lack the skills to fulfil this project but I don’t want to focus on my failings before I even begin]
5. Make this something I look forward to doing regularly and do regularly.
6. Introduce me to new and amazing things.
7. Take lots of pictures to illustrate this.
8. Learn how to use technology, whether the tabs on this website or just general computer things, so this blog at least looks impressive.

It’s getting a bit vague and my purpose blurred.  I feel ready to burst forth … going to have a cup of tea first though!

Feeling nervous about publishing this.  I’m going to do it, not that I have any followers.  Yet?!!!


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