{03/11/2010}   Progress Report – Day Three of My 21-Day Screenplay

I’ve completed day three.  On schedule.  I am extraordinarily puffed up.  I’ve done 45 pages (45 minutes of film).  All my fears have been realised, namely that I am incompetent when it comes to Word (tabs, margins, etc are all over the show – it’s not pretty!) and that I have no idea how to lay out a screenplay (I was given a “yeah, right” look by someone who’s written four screenplays when I announced I was going to write one in 21 days with no prior knowledge of the format).
I read the first two days’ work last night (as instructed in my 21-day bible).  It seemed quite good, if I may be so bold as to say.  I may have flopped horribly with today’s 15 pages in two and a half hours as I inserted two “comedy” scenes.  I thought they were hysterical, but then again I was there when they happened – whoever says scripts and novels aren’t largely autobiographical lies!
I was a nervous wreck before day one.  I overran by about five minutes.  But it flowed reasonably well.  I was quite excited prior to starting day two’s 20  pages in three hours but felt disappointed at the end as I felt the plot was too slow.  Before starting today, I had the sinking feeling that I’d peaked early and that I wouldn’t be able to fill the film up.  But today was actually my easiest day.  I didn’t even break for tea!
By the end of tomorrow’s two and a half hours, I will be half way through it.  I feel confident that I will finish it but I am overwhelmed by how difficult it is (a) to think about what image can portray a few sentences and then (b) describe that scene without waffle and (c) not get bogged down in format.  I think I thought it would be easier than it is.  That said, I’ve written 45 minutes of a script, woo hoo!  Oh, and (d) how all-consuming this process is and how (e) my recluse tendencies are being realised!


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