{04/11/2010}   Slight Word-related Hitch – Day Four of The 21-Day Film Script

Bloody Word.  All was going well on day four, pages 45-60.  As per guidelines, I knew what would be happening on page 60.  And page 75.
Then, as I was writing, page 59 as I recall, poised for page 60’s conflict scene, I thought the font had changed.  So I looked at the font box.  It didn’t say New Courier 12 (the ONLY font and size permitted).  It said Calibri 11.  Gulp.  For some reason, I selected the whole document and changed it all BACK to New Courier 12.  Double gulp.  The text grew.  Bloody Word had only gone and ignored my New Courier 12 command and done the whole chuffing thing in chuffing small Calibri (body) 11.  Disaster.  And what the nuts is the “body” bit all about?  59 pages became 71.
So thanks to bloody Word, I’ve been allowed to waffle off-script for 11 sneaky extra pages.  The page 60 conflict scene is now 11 or 12 pages late and I’m not ready for my page 75 disaster scene which now appears to be looming in four pages.  What a to-do, I tell you!
The cat’s snoring, my hands are tea-stained from a 26-tea-bag-stewing experiment (this one may not end up being documented, it’s not going well!) and the bloody telly doesn’t work, and on top of that I’m four pages off a key point in my film that needs fleshing out in way more than four pages.  I reiterate: bloody Word.


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