{07/11/2010}   Day 7 – First Draft of Screenplay/2-hour film done!

Unbelievably, I’m over the first hurdle: I’ve written a film, a whole two-hour film!  In seven days.  I feel I should be celebrating but it’s just me, the cat and a mug of tea (which I have yet to make).  I feel a bit like I’ve come out of the wilderness, a bit dazed and confused.
Tomorrow is a day of rest.  Day nine is a full read through on paper.  Day ten is the re-write of pages one to ten.  I have a dilemma though.  I’m away for work in Milan Tuesday and Wednesday.  I’m also still not familiar with my style guide.  I may have to postpone the 21 days.  But then I’ll feel like I’ve failed if on the 21st I haven’t done everything I should have.
Am I getting bogged down in the rules of the 21-Day schedule?  It does say you can extend it if you need to spend a day typing it up or whatever.  It’s 21 days of actual work on the script.  But, but …
Definitely tea time/avoiding dealing with the issues at hand time.
But, woo hoo, I’ve written a bloody film!  Check me out!


Juliana says:

This is wonderful! Well done, quite a feat me thinks as I could never have such discipline!

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