{01/01/2012}   Day one of six months of 500 words a day!

Due to technical challenges/my incompetence, this is timed and dated incorrectly on blogspot and the first two days have been cut and pasted so it looks like I’ve cheated! Sorting that will be a New Year’s resolution!

Friday, 30th December 2011

Inspired by the fact that if you write 500 words a day for six months, you will have a 90,000 word novel, today is day one of my novel-length blog.

I have a word count on display and I can type at over 80 words per minute, though that doesn’t factor in thinking/faffing time. 56 words so far. How hard can 500 a day be?!

Maybe every day will be something different but this is a kind of memoir or snapshot of my life. You must be wondering who I am to warrant a memoir. To gossip magazines I am no one. Unless you’re a friend of mine who’s dutifully reading this, there is no reason for you to recognise my name. I often think I’d like to know if I’m normal, if my stresses and worries are normal. I’m hoping by writing here, you will tell me if I’m weird/eccentric/neurotic/normal. Now I think about it, maybe I don’t want to know if I am weird! But I feel a need to share, discover, experiment and, maybe most of all, see something through. As you can see from the first few blog entries, I’m not a seer-througher!

I want to write here because I want to be a writer, not someone who spends most of their thinking time (ie on trains, in queues, driving) merely thinking about writing.

229 words already, dare I say that this seems too easy? Fool, I’ll never manage this every day … or will I?

Let’s attempt a bit of substance after that waffley introduction. Some thoughts I’ve had today: I am wasting my life. Bit of a big one that, don’t you think? Well, it is the end of a year and a time for reflection. I am a stenographer. I get paid well for a day’s work but I don’t get anywhere near five days of work a week, and in fact today is the end of week two of no work, with next week looking set to be devoid of work too. But that’s another day’s entry/rant/woe-share. My point here is that I have a lot of time off but am becoming increasingly rubbish about utilising that time. I don’t seem to ‘have time’ to read much, I don’t have regular hobbies, I don’t go out a huge amount and yet I don’t get much done. I fear I sit around and plan what I want to do without ever really doing it. I don’t think a lack of focus is good for me.

I also thought about buying a new(er) car today. My current car was an impulse buy, a BMW Compact, 325 ti. I have a bizarre conviction that it is going to snow, I will be surrounded by snow and unable to go anywhere outside a walking radius and will want a four-wheel drive. I live in Folkestone, Kent. I work in London. There are trains with overhead electricity. I can walk to the shops and the station. I still want a four-wheel drive. This is nonsense. This is also a good reflection of me, alarmingly!

Wow, 519 words and I was potentially in mid flow.


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