{01/01/2012}   Day Three

Sunday, 1st January 2012

It’s 1649, dark and pouring with rain and I am just acknowledging another year has commenced. I am not hanging over, though suffering mildly from post-boozy-night tiredness.

I have eaten an extraordinarily huge amount of rich, fatty food over the past week and a half or so. My scales this morning announced I’ve put on a staggering six pounds. I will wean myself off the buttery, creamy, meaty, pate and cheese diet in the next few days, but I have at least two more days of excessive consumption in me so I shall carry on.

A combination of constantly feeling full yet thinking about the next meal and reading end of year ‘must eats before you die’ type lists, I have decided to devote a large chunk, if not all, of my daily ramblings to my favourite food. For friends reading this, no beating around the bush here, this is actually a list of things I’d be delighted if you made for me when I come round for dinner! For everyone else, this is an insight into my eating personality and perhaps it will provide you with inspiration for your dinner. As an aside, I have yet another leftovers dinner ahead of me tonight and writing this is going to make me want all kinds of things I’m definitely not going to be able to have tonight.

This is in no particular order but I will separate sweet and savoury:

1. Coq au vin
2. Shepherd’s pie but with yorkshire pudding/batter on top instead of mashed potato
3. Fish fingers, baked beans, fried egg, fried potato waffles (only as major comfort food emergency)
4. Roast chicken, roast potatoes, sauteed leeks and carrots
5. Herby steamed chicken, brown rice, steamed carrots (only after a bout of rich food or hotel living, ie three meals out a day)
6. Venison stew
7. Medium rare sirloin steak, fried egg, chips and a green vegetable (probably spinach in most cases)
8. Fritto misto with homemade lemon zest and garlic mayonnaise
9. Scallops with bacon, chorizo or black pudding and I once had an amazing pea puree which would go nicely with this. Or just a plate of scallops.
10. Tuna mayonnaise and cucumber sushi (homemade)
11. Tuna mayonnaise and cucumber sandwiches (but I am very particular about the way the filling is made and the bread! Anal? Me?!)
12. Hot buttered crumpets with a mug of strong tea
13. Lamb chops
14. Eggy bread with crispy bacon
15. Gyoza, yakitori, deep fried camembert filo pastry straws, yakiniku (unhealthy Japanese izakaya selection)
16. Cheese, charcoal crackers, apple chunks, celery and finocchiona (fennel salami)
17. Moules frites

This has taken ages and I have ignored meals I like; these are exceptional favouite meals. There is more but I will go on to sweet things:

1. Christmas pudding with brandy butter and whipped cream
2. Red berry cheesecake
3. Coffee and walnut cake (I don’t like coffee flavoured things and I’m slightly intolerant of walnuts in an itchy mouth way but I love this when made with Camp Coffee)
4. Chocolate profiteroles or chocolate eclairs with fresh cream, none of that custardy stuff.
5. Lemon layer pudding, which some people seem to call lemon surprise pudding
6. Homemade chocolate yule log with uber rich chocolate butter icing
7. Tiramisu
8. Pancakes with lemon and sugar, though I could be swayed by maple syrup
9. Most cake
10. After Eights, Ferrero Rocher, Flake (but it must come with a mug of tea) and Artisan du Chocolat salt caramel balls (for chocolate needs)

Almost 600 words and I could go on for ages. I will want to add to this over time and maybe I’ll allow myself to do that.

Hmm, probably a good reflection of me that my first writing of the year is about food. For completeness, a short drink section:

1. Tesco Finest Assam leaf tea with a smidgen of milk (my desert island drink)
2. Recently roasted, freshly ground coffee to make a proper cappuccino, of the kind that few cafes are able to produce (a rant for another day). I would rather have no coffee than a crap coffee
3. Lager
4. Champagne (I love Gossett but anything with bubbles, be it Champagne, Cava or Prosecco, is good to me)
5. Red and white wine (I have a few favourites, eg Brown Brothers’ Tarrango, Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc)
6. Mulled wine
7. Ginger beer

745 words and keep thinking of more things. Must stop. Must eat. Must drink …


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