{01/01/2012}   Day Two

Saturday, 31st December 2011

Today is New Year’s Eve. I am feeling oddly optmimistic. My friend Rachael and I met in Whitstable for our second annual New Year’s Eve lunch and walk there. We wrote our resolutions and I re-read mine from last year. I managed 6.5 out of 24. I was disappointed. We were sitting in JoJo’s in Tankerton. I looked around and concluded that I really, really want my own cafe. I think being busy and in an environment I love would be fantastic. So 2012 is going to be the year I take a huge risk and somehow get the funds for a cafe. Please, please let me do it.

I feel a need for some profound thoughts. I am 36 years old. Many years ago, I would have expected my 36 year old self to be married with children, a nice house and to have had a good job, because that’s what I grew up thinking you were supposed to do. As it happens I am single, living in my 20th rented flat over 18 years with my cat, I have an unconventional job that I never planned or thought of doing, I have no intention of having children and I am a little bit unsettled.

But, I surprise myself here, life isn’t too bad. I just need to focus a bit and get on with doing what I want to be doing. It’s just a shame I feel that the key to my work and lifestyle issues is money and the getting of enough to set up a cafe. I have no savings and there is a horrid recession on. Oh well!

Today, 500 words isn’t so easy. But I surprise myself that I will succeed with day two.

I am quite impressed with myself because today, this evening in fact, I cleaned large swathes of my kitchen, including a full-on hob clean. It took ages but I feel extraordinarily pleased with myself. I always do a big clean for the new year, but never as late as New Year’s Eve evening. Rock and Roll, eh?!

Do you see what’s happening here? I don’t have writing focus so I am waffling on. I know the purpose of this daily writing is to get me writing a book length blog and to get into the habit of writing every day, but, really, can I get away with this much blathering?!

Tomorrow I am expecting to have a hangover. If I don’t – I am also planning to drink lots of water and eat loads – I would like to go to Dungeness. I am in my flat with Chris. He and I have an unconventional friendship. We are both going to do some writing tonight. This really isn’t how I usually, in fact ever, spend New Year’s Eve (do I need to write that with capital letters?) but I quite like the tidying/cleaning, writing, not socialising and not spending a fortune going out thing. I have bought the most expensive bubbly I’ve ever bought, £35 Pol Roger. Apparently it was Churchill’s favourite tipple and my dad liked Churchill and my dad died almost 13 years ago. Sorry, dad, that was a blatant excuse for buying an expensive bottle of fizz!

So here’s a toast to absent loved ones, family and friends. Have a fantastic year in 2012, may it be a bloody good one! Cheers.


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