{03/01/2012}   How easy it is to waste a morning

Tuesday, 3rd January 2012

Probably misguided confidence but I’ve decided to abandon the day numbering and instead opting for a proper heading in an attempt to write with purpose.

It is 0928. I have been up for two hours, yet I am procrastinating/faffing/wasting time. I often complain that I don’t have time to read, do [x], etc. The reality is that unless I have a list (I do more often turn to lists) I waste a lot of time.

This morning: I am sitting in my favourite chair next to window doors. The wind and rain are ferocious, I have long been contemplating whether or not it would be possible for me to blow off the balcony were I to open the doors onto it. Fortunately armchair thoughts require no experimentation. There are clouds of rain gusting past, it’s most engaging.

My chair is also next to my one metre or so high potted Christmas tree. When diverted from staring out of the window, I have been admiring the tree and wondering whether I should take it down today. But I like the lights. As the tree would have to go on the previously mentioned windy balcony, I have concluded that I will take down all decorations except the tree and lights.

I am writing this on a bluetooth keyboard connected to an iPad, both on a lap tray. The lap tray would tip over if my hands weren’t balancing it. The reason it is so far off the edge of my crossed-leg lap is because my cat is curled up partly under the edge of the tray and keeping me warm. I can see this is very bad for posture, etc, and it makes my typing slower, but she’s so sweet when she does that I couldn’t possibly turf her off.

I am also in my dressing gown, having had a shower. This is also a bad idea, mainly because I don’t feel ready to do anything until I am dressed and my hair isn’t wrapped in a towel.

I am also considering whether I want replacement light bulbs so badly that I will go out in this weather. There is a part of me that knows the walk will be exhilerating, but I also foresee wetness and the prospect of being hit by debris. But I do want to see the sea in its frothy, stormy glory.

So that means I should galvanise myself into action. I get very annoyed with myself when I sit around like this. I do it too often, particularly in the evening. I am more productive and alert in the mornings but I am prone to doing what I’m currently doing, though that said I am at least doing my 500 words a day.

In summary, how to waste a morning: sit around contemplating things, some which you should be doing rather than be thinking about doing and some which require no more than a passing thought, get dressed, have coffee (ah, that could help, I’ve had the necessary tea and breakfast but I am the coffee stage off raring to go!) and write a list. Now, the list, however, could take me to lunch. Dreadful, isn’t it?

PS I’ve finally sorted the times so feeling a novel sense of IT competence!


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