{05/01/2012}   The joys of sorting out your wardrobe

Thursday, 5th January 2012

Tidying a wardrobe, it turns out, is more therapeutic than I expected. Largely, this is because I felt so virtuous for giving clothes to charity (and some too grubby and worn, so chucked) that I went out and bought work tops, something I discovered my wardrobe was alarmingly lacking. Not only did I buy new clothes but I am in the midst of load number two of dyed clothes, either black or dark olive green, which is tantamount to new clothes. All very exciting.

I had no idea I had as many pairs of tights as I do. I hardly ever wear skirts so it baffles me how or why I have so many tights in so many colours and styles. I threw out underwear I’d had for way to long, liberating.

I am not known for being organised, though I’m certainly not chaotic. I have found an outlet for order and ruthlessness in sorting my wardrobe. My room ended up covered with piles: short sleeved tops, casual trousers, work trousers, work tops, gloves (I have a distressing amount of single gloves), jumpers, beach wear (yes, a rather surprising category) and so on. There were then, more importantly, the following piles: charity, don’t fit, rubbish, like but know it doesn’t suit me and nostalgia/hope to one day fit into again.

The latter is the most dangerous pile. I managed to whittle it down to one pair of jeans, a casual shirt type top and another top. The rest went to the charity pile. I did contemplate an ebay pile but I can’t face that at the moment.

I have too many clothes that don’t fit or look awful. How do I end up buying things that look dreadful? I always try things on in the shop and don’t buy online. I did feel really good for having got rid of so much but, unexpectedly, my overriding feeling was one of waste. I don’t buy expensive clothes, I do most of my clothes shopping in TX Maxx. But there are some things I’ve barely worn and which don’t look good or which I am now too portly for. It’s a distressing thing changing shape and not being able to wear your beloved clothes. It’s another thing buying things that are a vision of loveliness … on anyone, or indeed anything, but you. I must stop buying beautiful bargains! I am becoming my mother!

I only bought four tops and a few bits of underwear but I didn’t buy quite a few things in the sale that I tried on that really didn’t do me any favours. I did buy a shirt in a hideous pasty grey that made me look frightfully death-like. It should be olive green soon, I just hope the thread is cotton, I’ve got too many dark dyed clothes with white polyester thread. It’s a feature on one thing but not a large chunk of a wardrobe.

I am going to admire my neat wardrobe then see how my olive green wash is coming along …


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