{06/01/2012}   Lacking skills or just plain lazy?

Friday, 6th January 2012

Today is blog day eight. I am realising the enormity of writing something at least mildly interesting every day. Shamefully, eight days of seeing something through is a huge achievement for me.

Another achievement is that I finally sewed on two buttons, shortened a button hole, added a press stud and attached the press stud the correct way (I have always sewn one side on wrongly) to a shirt I had had to abandon about a year ago. Fortunately I still fit into the shirt, though to enable me to do that the press stud was necessary.

My delight and sense of accomplishment was quite staggering. I have never been a sewer. I vaguely recall my mum offering to teach me to hand sew or use a sewing machine. I obviously wish I hadn’t been a sullen teenager with no interest in sewing. I am useless at it. I have big fingers, I’m not at all delicate and I have limited patience for all things monotonous.

At the risk of regressing, I do kind of wish it were still the norm to teach children useful things. Boys should be taught to become men who can do DIY and girls should be taught to sew, cook … ah, yes, back to the housewife training. Not good. Point is, I think it’s a shame we are less likely to pass on useful skills to children.

To an extent, I wonder if I didn’t let mum teach me to, in this example, sew because I am lazy. Lazy to do things generally and lazy in that mum has been known in my adult life to sew the odd hem, button, press stud … so if she knew I could just as easily do it, she wouldn’t have done it. I don’t think that was my thinking though, in my defence.

As for laziness, I guess that’s why I threw a few pairs of socks out yesterday. My mum would’ve darned any with holes in. I don’t think twice about chucking them and buying a new pair. The shirt I have now restored to my wardrobe, I could’ve worn that over the past year or so that it’s been waiting for repair. Over a year it would probably have worn out and gone by now. If I had sewed the buttons on when they came off, I wouldn’t have needed to add the press stud, so I made mysef more work by not doing it sooner.

My mum won’t just sit down when I visit, she always has things to do. It drives me mad! But she comes to mine, I sit down no problem. She will try to do things for me. I would rather be like my mum but with the ability to sit and chill out.

She cat sat for me once, I think it was just for one night. When I got home, she’d glued/repaired two ornaments I’d broken when I moved house and put up some hooks I’d been saying for a while I needed to do.

Maybe I’m not skill-less, just lazy. When I need to, I can sew. I fitted two hard-to-reach lightbulbs the other day, only about seven months after they’d gone. I was amazed at how much better the lighting then was in the kitchen. This kind of laziness is a kind of false economy. If I just get on and do it, it’s done and I don’t need to waste time remembering to do it or feeling guilty for having it outstanding on To Do lists and working, usable things provide so much less hassle, waste and lost time.


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