{08/01/2012}   My boots are made for walking

Sunday, 8th January 2012

The cat is on my lap, the iPad is just above my knees, I can only reach round the cat to tap-type with two fingers and I am trying to be quiet as my poorly friend has just fallen asleep.

So commences my theme of being uncomfortable. We went to Canterbury today. I bought a rather beautiful pair of floaty pleated trousers that are so long they flare around my feet making me look like I have elephantine feet. I figure the pleat material can be cut and re-hemmed.

The girl at the register commented how nice the trousers were but that everyone has commented on how absurdly long they are. She then suggested that I probably could get heels high enough that I could wear them without alteration. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I pretty much wear only flat shoes and that I had already planned to butcher them.

I feel like I am the only one of my friends who doesn’t wear high heels. I have heels, I have worn them. I just can’t walk in them in a ladylike manner, I find them cripplingly uncomfortable and those two things make me feel horrid when I wear them.

I feel that fashion dictates all women should wear high heels. I hear celebrities and fashion magazines telling you they are empowering because they make you taller, your legs slimmer and you look sexy. They make me walk slowly and precariously, they make me moan because I can’t walk far in them and feeling crippled and uncomfortable pushes feeling sexy right out of my head!

I don’t mind standing in them, I can then enjoy all the good things about them. I have tried wearing comfy shoes to an evening out with a view to then changing into my heels … but I’ve always been so comfortable that I have never actually got as far as changing. People seem to agree that when you are comfortable in the clothes you wear, you are more confident. Why does this not apply to shoes?

It is very unusual for anyone to remark positively about my footwear and I really struggle to find “pretty” smart shoes. I do have what I consider to be a beautiful pair of boots though. They are a kind of dark cream leather with grey leather shapes sewn onto the cream leather. They are proper cowgirl boots and have a pointy toe, c two inch heels and they even have steel toe caps (useful for kicking anyone who criticises your shoe sense). They are sort of smart and I can actually walk a long way in them, in fact I’ve not yet had any foot rubbing issues. I fear that is as far as I will ever get with high heeled shoes of boots.

When I cared about fashion and trends, I once had some wedge sole sandals. I loved them. I might be able to wear wedges. But why does it bother me about my shoes when I don’t worry about my clothing, despite the fact I am not a fashion conscious or fashion aware type of person? I want to be able to wear heels and feel empowered. I just can’t and won’t. I am 5′ 8″ so I don’t feel a need to be much taller … I am in danger of going round in circles here. I just don’t get why I still persevere and try on shoes with heels because I think I should wear them and that one day I will find a pair that are as comfortable as my beloved cowgirl boots.


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