{15/01/2012}   A New Bag

This is the first time I haven’t first written this on a word processing programme. I don’t think there is a word count so who knows how much I’ll end up writing. Oh why, oh why are my paragraphs not coming out as paragraphs?  I can paragraph, I promise. Grr to technology. [They are now as I’m manually putting the little blighters in]

Yesterday, after one month of mission-shopping and maybe three additional months of half-hearted-shopping, I finally have a new handbag. My favourite bright pink velvet one broke to an unrepairable extent so this one is to replace that. I have others but there is something about a new bag.

Maybe probably definitely the reason it took so long to find a replacement was because I had an idea in my head of what it would look like.  It even got to the point where I contemplated making one myself, but as I wanted leather, I ruled that out. Plus I have minimal sewing ablilities.

I wanted a bag that could stand on its own, had dividers inside, whether seaparate zipped compartments or a middle divide zipped bit.  I wasn’t sure about colour.  It needed to be carryable on my shoulder and swing from my hand.  Then I started looking and realised I was fussy about the leather.  Some bags are either cheap looking leather or plastic disguised as leather.

I went sales shopping yesterday and thought I’d go to John Lewis, Selfridges and Harrods.  Nothing inspied me in John Lewis.  Nothing was in the sale in Selfridges and Harrods was all round distressing.  I saw one there that was worthy of further investigation, in the sale with an additional 10% off: £1,200.  Another one, more reasonable, £225 … oh, £2,225 (yikes).  And on spotting an ok one at the knock down bargain price of £7,500 I got annoyed and gave up.  Ended up getting one back in Folkestone from TK Maxx.

As for this whole designer bag bollocks, seriously, how is a leather bag worth THOUSANDS? How can anyone justify spending that much.  On a bag.  And if you’re a Harrods shopper, ie filthy rich, why buy something in the sale that still costs a fortune and that is probably out of fashion?  To put it mildly, most bags I saw (from a distance, looking in shock and horror at the branded bag displays) were rather too bling and, dare I say it, tacky looking.  I am glad I don’t get sucked into fashion following.

Now I have a nice new bag (dark brown leather bag with a very satisfying split bar top open – does that make sense), I have filled it with nice things.  I have taken great pleasure in putting things in it, utilising the three compartments and two zipped pockets.  I love an ordered handbag.  In fact, I would go as far as to say that I am looking forward to going to work tomorrow with my new bag, a new outfit and possibly the aforementioned beloved cowboy boots!

In some countries, Russia being one, there is a culture of not putting your handbag on the ground/floor of the train etc.  It always annoys me that we, people of the UK, and me put bags on the floor.  This means you can’t really then put them on your lap, on a sofa etc.  My new bag has little studs for feet.  Very practical.  I shall also endeavour not to put it on the dirty station platform tomorrow.

In a few weeks I will be bored of using the same bag every day so I will enjoy removing everything from my new bag, then putting it into an old bag that I haven’t used for a while, which will feel like a new bag again.  Such simple pleasures!  I worry slightly I am opening myself to Freudian investigation!


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