{19/01/2012}   The simple pleasures

This morning I took unexpectedly great delight in everything I wanted to carry fitting into my lovely new bag (though I am a touch concerned it is a little too Margaret Thatcher!).  I realise that I take pleasure from a lot of simple things; this leads me to question whether I am a simple person but that is not a direction I am prepared to discuss in a public forum!

In my lunch break today, I got a proper tea (a tea and coffee rant/OCD anonymous topic for another day!).  It just so happened I had a Flake bar in my bag.  A cup of tea and a flake, now that’s enough to put a bloody great smile on my face.  So good.

I have no scientific or meaningful comments to make on this subject but it does amaze me how easy it is to amuse, entertain and smile at oneself.  Hark at me, “one”!   Oh no, I really am becoming Margaret Thatcher.  Agh, and I’m wearing navy blue.  It’s all too much!

Extending my theme of simple pleasures, do most people find themselves extraordinarily amusing at times?  I have monologues in my head sometimes and can snigger or chuckle to myself for quite a while.  I suppose it makes sense as sense of humour appreciation is a very personal thing.  I sense a tangent and with 500 words that really isn’t necessary or acceptable, particularly as I am increasingly finding this daily writing malarkey good discipline.

I guess there are so many difficult, dull, stressful, mundane and not-nice-to-have-to-think-about things in our daily lives that finding humour or appreciation in small things (hey up, I am sensing repetition from yesterday.  Repetition and tangents, it’s not going well today!) is, well, a bit of respite.  Not that my life is that difficult most of the time, I hasten to add.

Maybe this is a bit different but I also find it very satisfying when you wear clothes that make you look and feel good.  Crikey, that is definitely veering tangentwards.  Again.

I have a slightly obsessive compulsion to get rid of all labels on things I buy, especially things with sticky labels.  I will get home from shopping (I even did this on the train the other day after a big shop) and lay everything out (fear not, I do not do this in a neat, orderly fashion, I am perilously close to sounding obsessive compulsive … I even used those words earlier, gulp – this screams of denial!).  I then remove all labels, often spending a long time trying to remove the sticky labels.  Only then will I properly admire my new purchases.  It’s quite a ritual but it gives me enormous pleasure!  I suppose it is an activity which I spend a fair bit of time doing, which makes it relaxing and I doubt I think about anything else while I’m busy cutting, pulling, nail rubbing at sticky remnants, peeling etc.

When I got home last night, I picked up my post and was both surprised and delighted to find two envelopes, both hand written.  Both were properly lovely handwritten letters.  One was a reply to my Christmas card letter to one of my relatives (a very chatty and sweet letter).  The other was from Ky-la-la-la.  I had read my uncle’s letter as soon as I got it as it was quite short.  I saved Kyla’s until a relaxing moment, when I was all tucked up and ready for bed.  It was a funny, interesting and lovely letter that made me smile a lot and which detailed just how Kyla “rolls”!  I shall also get great pleasure replying to her and telling her all about the Christmas goose saga and my keep experiences with wrist weights!


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