{21/01/2012}   Faffing and packing

I spent about two hours packing for a week and a half in my sort of second home. I can’t comprehend how it takes me that long. I know I make extra work for myself though. For example, I decided I wanted a particular top that’s handwash only. So I did all my handwashing, albeit in the washing machine on the handwash setting. I also tidied a fair bit.

A few packs ago, my friend Nana was round and saw the chaos of strewn clothes and stuff flowing from my case. She asked if I minded her sorting it. I had no problem with that. It took me so much less time to unpack when I got to my hotel. I don’t think I’ve ever thanked Nana for both packing my case that time and for the order she has instilled in me where packing is now concerned.

I think it takes longer to pack neatly but it’s kind of satisfying. I have taken to laying outfits out until I have enough. I then fold them neatly (seriously, I used to just fold them half heartedly and stuff creasable ones in corners – it wasn’t pretty) and put things in cloth bags. In my case I have separate bags for work clothes, casual clothes, underwear, stuff I’ll need tonight, activities and miscellaneous. In 2012 I have impressed myself with my new-found organisation. I love it!

Two trips to my car out of the four (just how much of this stuff do I really need?!) were for Izzy the cat. She has food and bowls, toilet, bedding, toys and brush and her in her cage.

Over the past few years, I have also made myself clean my flat before I go away. It looked great when I left. It’s always good to go home to a clean flat. But from about 9am to 4.15 (of which 10-15 minutes was spent trying to catch Izzy), I was packing and cleaning/tidying. I also had a seaside walk and did a few errands in town. But really, a whole day preparing to go away?

I am now at my home for the next week and a half, I’ve unpacked – I forgot, I sorted out my fridge and brought perishable food with me – and Izzy is settled in her bed on the underfloor heating and I am now waiting for Chris to stop faffing and get dinner ready!


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