{28/01/2012}   In celebration of Cheddar cheese

English Cheddar cheese on white toast. Simple. Bloody marvelous. But grated cheddar, grated apple and a bit of Worcestershire Sauce is a very close second.

For a while I felt slightly embarrassed about my unwaivering love of Cheddar cheese when there are so many other amazing cheeses. I love all cheese. Well, apparently there are more than 700 named cheeses in the UK alone so there’s no way I’ve tried even a tenth. But there are some things for which only Cheddar will do: cheese on toast, jacket potatoes with melted cheese, tuna melt, cheese straws, cheesy baked beans and cheese and pickle sandwiches. I am now happy to embrace what has been referred to as “mouse trap”.

For a long time, around the time I was at university, I was obsessed with eggy bread cheese sandwiches. I made them recently (and actually felt quite guilty about their being buttery, cheesy and fried – but it didn’t stop me eating them!) and they were still amazing:

Eggy Bread Cheddar Sandwiches:

Butter white bread on both sides

Make a cheese sandwich

Cut sandwiches into quarters

Beat two eggs in a large shallow bowl or deep plate (a bit of thyme can go some way to addressing the lack of greenery/vitamins) Add whatever seasoning you fancy (but go easy on the salt as you’re using butter and cheese, both a bit salty)

Soak each sandwich in the egg mix

Heat a small amount of oil in a frying pan

Add the sandwich quarters and fry until golden brown and the cheese is melted

So, so good.

As I find myself with only half the amount of words I should be writing, I am now going to write everything that comes to mind when I think of Cheddar cheese:

Yellow-ish. The stronger the better. Pickle. Pickled onions. Pineapple and Cheddar chunks on cocktail sticks. Cheddar and apple. Shepherd’s Pie with Cheddar on top. Macaroni cheese, but not the packet one that’s bright orange. I get cheese sweats from strong Cheddar. It turns out that not everyone experiences this. I get sweating under my eyes and tingling cheeks when I eat strong Cheddar. Marmite on toast with Cheddar on the side. Both these things give me cheese/Marmite sweats, it’s a bit of an overload on my senses but with a mug of tea to knock it back, it totally rocks my boat. I always have a packet of Cheddar in my fridge, it’s one of my store cupboard/fridge necessities. I missed strong cheese when I lived in Japan, most cheese there was really bland. Cheddar cheese was one of the first things I ate when I came home. Sometimes when I am hungry, I raid my cheese stock. I always cut blue bits of cheese and still eat the cheese. I don’t like Cheddar cheese crisps. I doubt there is much cheese in them anyway. I used to eat steak with melted Cheddar on top. If I grate Cheddar, it is as difficult as not licking your lips while eating a donut to not eat the cheese. If I have limited cheese, I will grate it at the last minute to attempt to minimise pre-cooking cheese consumption. I am, however, a bit disappointed when I get Cheddar on a cheese board in a restaurant, Cheddar is a home cheese; I like to experiment when I go out. If I had to live without Cheddar and without tea, the quality of my life would diminish enormously.


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