{30/01/2012}   Astrology Chart

I had just finished writing about relaxing and unwinding on my mobile wordpress app. I tried to add a photo but all I did was delete my post for today. I am not feeling the love for writing on the same theme again or on my mobile.
So I am going to write about astrology charts.
A friend rang me earlier, having just spent an hour and a half with someone I put her in contact with about doing an astrological chart. Like me and a few other friends who have also seen the same person (who is now a friend, having previously been a friend of a friend), she feels really positive.
I don’t understand how someone can elicit as much information as he does about you based only on your birthday, birth time and location of birth. Before I ever met him, he had written down all he’d found out about me from the birth information he’d been given. We met as strangers, other than how much he knew about me from my chart. For almost two hours I sat with him and had an extraordinarily therapeutic session talking all about me. The disbeliever in me could see some things could apply to most people. Yet largely what he told me were random yet specific things.
It was strangely enlightening being told what you are like. It made me realise that I, and indeed every single person, is different, which means we all have so much to offer our friends, work, family, everything. No one else will ever share my exact thoughts or ideas because they all come from me and only I am capable of coming up with those ideas etc.
Speaking to him and reading his notes again over the time since I met him got me thinking how much of our sense of self comes from some kind of destiny that I will never get my head around. It must exist, how else could a chart come up with a description of me?
I felt an almost overwhelming sense of knowing myself and seeing how other people might see me. There are some things about me I didn’t really used to understand, now I feel a sense of comfort in knowing they were in my chart. There are some things about me, about my life, that I struggle with. I feel more confident than ever that I can address them and deal with them now.
Over recent years, I have often contemplated who I am, what has made me into the person I am. I know more now than I ever expected, and to an extent I have some thoughts on how I can figure things out further.
Having my chart done, and particularly by the person who did it, was one of the most positive, character enhancing and inspiring things I’ve ever done, even though I really find it crazy that all that information comes from not even having met me.


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