{31/01/2012}   A five-minute word flurry that ends up being a ten-minute flurry

I am very short on time and was dreading writing this really late at night, so I am going to give myself five minutes to write non-stop for the c500 words about anything and everything that’s in my head:

I am drinking tea, it’s a really good, strong mug of Assam and it’s given me that “Ahhh, that’s better” feeling.

I am meeting a friend later this evening for our “January 4ths”. Every few years (it used to be every year but we got realistic) for the past c19 (gulp) years, ideally on 4th January, we have written down things we want to do over the next year or more, some predictions for ourselves and others and we always open our old ones, talk and laugh about them, then write new ones on the same day. We are just over a year out of date doing these. I love it, sometimes I read the old one (which my friend keeps possession of, and likewise I hers) and can’t even remember writing or thinking certain things. It’s always satisfying when we tick them off, having achieved certain things or been right about something!

I think five minutes was a little ambitious, maybe ten is more realistic.

I walked along the seafront this afternoon and took great delight in there being a cold wind, it made me feel wide awake.

I bought some chemicals today. A friend’s cleaner had given him a list of the products she wanted to use. She’s got his bath tiles spotless. They were far from spotless before she attacked them. I am on a mission to get clean shiny bath tiles.

I got a note from an Australian friend today from Japan. I should’ve been in Japan meeting her and two others last week. In the end none of the four of us got to meet up in the town where we all originally met. It fascinates me that the four of us, all friends while we lived in Nara, now live on different continents: Europe, Australia, Asia and North America. If I won the lottery I would go on a tour and visit them all. The four of us have not been together for the past c12 years. But two and three of us have met a few times, the most recent being when I met up with Ms USA (she’ll love that!) in Denver.

Denver has made me think of Colorado snow. Today it sort of snowed. I wished I could be somewhere snowy.

Would you look at that, ten minutes is up and I could’ve kept going!


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