{06/02/2012}   Things I love about London, in brief!

     Having had a rubbishy, long horrid work day, which being in London I blame partly on London, I thought I’d share some things about London I love, part list, part ramblings.  In no order.
     Maltby Street and Bermondsey Street to Bermondsey Square on a Saturday morning.  While I get annoyed by thoroughly Middle Class pursuits, ie in this case potentially spending an obscene amount on an organic mud covered carrot grown by John in Kent (made up) that one is told is the best carrot you will ever eat, this is a great place to spend the morning.  Coffee at the Monmouth roastery, sampling cheeses, meats, etc out of the madness of (albeit lovely) Borough Market, the Farmers’ Market in the square.  All wonderful.  I have also been in the Fashion and Textile Museum on Bermondsey Street, v cool!  There is also a really interesting glass blowing studio, some quirky houses to snoop around, some (overpriced) boutique shops and a buzz to the whole area.
     I have always loved Columbia Road Flower Market, though in the past five plus years it’s become a bit pretentious.
     Chelsea Physic Garden is a real gem of a walled garden.  It’s best if you’re a member though as you can go all year round and largely when it’s not open to the public.  Great to take a picnic, especially in summer when it’s open until dusk.  The cafe is nice but I have always waited a long time for service.  Also, I find it fascinating to see herbs and plants that make drugs you have heard of/use/know somebody who uses.
     Walking across The Thames.  Part of the reason I’ve always loved living South and getting the train or bus to work in the North.
     Greenwich Park.  Views, deer, hills (yippee when there’s snow), all the crazy time stuff, the auction house near Maze Hill (how much time and money have I spent there?!) and some stunning architecture.
     The Horniman Museum, particularly the gardens and the views.
     Rotherhithe.  I lived there twice and hope to one day live there a third time.  There is a lack of infrastructure but around The Mayflower there is Sands Films, a magical place, and all the old dock area where there is a huge amount of greenery, views of the river, the Lavender Pump House Museum (great dock history, beachcomber finds and stuff that makes you say, “Oooo, we used to have those”) and a farm.  And the river.  Totally one of the nicest, quietest parts of London, zone two no less!
     Neasden Temple.  A horrid walk to get there from Neasden tube, and horrid all around it, but I loved the ceremony/prayer room and taking part.  It’s also an amazing building.  And the Indian supermarket is wonderful, so, so much stock (ask Fiona about the alphonse mangoes!).  And the vegetarian restaurant there is destination food.  But don’t over-order as portions are generous and filling!
     Favourite gallery: National Portrait Gallery.  Sadly, that’s in part because I love playing guess the celebrity!
     There are so many things about London I love.  I am going to stop there but I have realised how many places I love and that I am so, so far from not wanting to live in London again. 


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