{07/02/2012}   What I did today

I slept the sleep of a tired one last night … until I woke at around 4am and stayed awake until my alarm went at 6.30am.  I felt cheated and robbed of two and half of hours of much needed sleep.  I had a breakfast of toast and marmalade with a mug of tea.  I watched a bit of Daybreak, petted Izzy the cat and at 7.35 I left home on a perilous ice walk to Folkestone Central.  I don’t need an hour and five minutes, but I like taking my time in the mornings.  My train arrived on time for its 7.53 departure.  I wanted to look out the window at the snow but I wrote another letter for my letter writing month – I even posted it after I got off the train.

On arrival at St Pancras, five minutes late due to a technical problem at Ashford, I walked along icy path number two, the platform.  I didn’t slip but the man just in front of me slipped three times, the final time resulting in vigorous arm flapping and Scooby Doo foot action, which made me laugh.  He didn’t fall.  I went to the Thameslink platform to get a train to City Thameslink.  The next one was cancelled and the following one was not for another quarter of an hour.  So, slightly frowny, I left the train station and headed bravely for the overcrowded Piccadilly line.  I stood wedged between a woman and a man with a very small baby until Holborn, which was only the second stop but took ages.

At Holborn I realised I could walk to work through Lincoln’s Inn Field and via coffee at Clock Tower Coffee, a Square Mile coffee trolley (that is so not the right term!) on Fleet Street.  I had a veritable skip in my step through the “Field” as it was snowy and there was blue sky and it’s a pretty square.  I got a great coffee, drank it and headed into the RCJ’s fancy new court building, the Rolls Building.  Considering it’s a brand new court that could and should’ve been designed around the people who use it, I dislike it enormously and the acoustics are dreadful.  It is corporate, bland and one of those buildings that makes you feel it has no windows/natural light, despite its glass frontage and internal glass atrium type thing.

Knowing my case is going to proceed at speed and with more overspeaking than a crowd of excitable tourists, I am not enthusiastic about going in.  The court clerk let me in at about 9.50 for the 10,30 start.  It transpired that he was late letting me in because he’d just had a near-face-smashing experience as he’d got his foot stuck to the duck tape used to secure our microphone cables and had tripped, while carrying a full jug of water.  By throwing the water, at our laptops and recording equipment, he’d fortunately avoided the corner of the table on which his face would have otherwise whacked.  He had taken it well and seemed more concerned about our equipment.  He’d also used all paper hand towels he could find in every bathroom on our floor.  A bit more mopping up was done and all equipment was discovered to be fully functioning.  Shock.

I could go on for ages about the day in terms of work but I’ll be postcard-esque and give you some highlights: lawyers are like foxes, they have no predator; a lawyer could not milk 160 cows in the morning; it would appear people write to HM The Queen when they feel they have been wronged; there is a mischief of rats, there is a lot of mischief in court.

Unexpectedly, court rose early and after we finished editing, I was out of the door – in daylight, just – and heading for my 5.10pm train.  No one sat next to me on the train, I wrote a letter, got hungry, texted a bit, decided I needed emergency food and went to a local shop to get a Snickers bar, which I ate while on ice walk number three back home.  Apparently it was -3 when I got back.  I had quite a few near super-slips.  But got home unscathed.  I should reiterate that the pavements are smooth lumped ice rinks in Folkestone, none of this namby pamby London pavement gritting!  Had a bowl of peanut crisps – major snack binge, dreadful.

Made a meatball tagine, had a lie down with Izzy on my lap, contemplated doing all kinds of useful things.  Did none of said useful things.  Thought I should do my blog post sooner rather than later.  It’s now later.  Ate meatballs, turns out the cat liked them too.  Burnt my tongue from eating hot meatballs.  Watched a programme about turning round the fortunes of a bakery in Padstow, did the washing up.  Oh, I put on a laundry wash and have forgotten that I need to hang that out, a job I hate!  Now feeling both ready to do some of the aforementioned useful things and ready for bed.  It’s windy outside and there may be a bit of snow here tonight.  Right, going to do some useful things then have a bath or shower.  I may even read a bit, but the book I’m reading tends to give me strange, slightly distressing dreams and I don’t usually remember my dreams.


The glass atrium thing at the Rolls is what is known in my family as a ventricle. Nerdy medical joke……….Izzy had better not have eaten my meatballs!

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