{17/02/2012}   Unbelievable!

     I had just written my post, with the heading you can see with the photo of a mug of tea.  I was ranting and raving about printers and how mine was spewing out hundreds of pages of gibberish – no exaggeration, and to make it worse I kept having to re-feed the 20 or so ruined pages into it so as not to waste more pages – and then I kept observing that I couldn’t scroll up or down on WordPress.  And I half jokingly suggested it might have been deleted.  I published the post … and you just get an almighty big mug of tea, which I’d added to go with the fact I was about to make myself a cup of tea, the mere thought of which was making me feel calmer already.  Unbelievable.  That is the third post I’ve lost through WordPress. 

     Maybe because I’ve already ranted (there were other issues when I was writing previously) or maybe at the thought of a nice cuppa, I actually feel about 37 times calmer than I did when I was writing 25 minutes ago, though it helps that I’ve disabled the printer so it can’t spout forth its gibberish anymore.

     I had been doing very well this year not getting angry about things, not that I’m an angry kind of person anyway, but the printer going mad, WordPress threatening to delete, and succeeding in deleting, my post and the knowledge that I have three work days from hell next week was proving challenging.  I was also getting in a two and eight about writing this because I felt so snappy and sorry for myself.  And now I feel better.  I really do, in fact I’m actually smiling.  How did things turn around so fast!  I do need to print out a map of Stockholm for next week’s work but if I’m sensible and want to retain my lovely sense of calm, I think I will go to a book shop tomorrow and buy a nice map!  Although I do have an old map from when I was last there, a staggering 18 years ago!  I’m sure the roads can’t have changed much there, what with all the canals and stuff.  I wish I were going there for nice, fun, exciting reasons.  I’m even led to believe (webcams!) there’s snow there!  Woo hoo!  So ner, ner, ner, ner, ner, horrid printer, I have overcome!  I have even managed to write a blog post in a mere matter of minutes, another one.  The first one really was quite pitiful, maybe WordPress censored it!

     Due to hideousness of next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I may have to “cheat” and write some emergency posts tomorrow.  Actually, that’s probably a really good idea because even if I do get time in the evenings, I will be likely to moan and whine in a most unbecoming way!

   On my unexpectedly cheery note, I shall now go and make my tea, hurrah!


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