{20/02/2012}   Airport routines

I am tired, pre-flight tired.  I got up at 6am, which is post-the-5 something a.m.-way-too-early threshold, yet I have a tiredness that is not like my normal tiredness, it’s a kind associated with getting up to go to the airport.  I have never quite worked this out, I suppose it’s largely psychological.
I went to bed and fell straight to sleep just before 11pm, so I had seven hours of sleep ahead of me.  Yeah, right.  I was awake by 2.45am.  By 4 I was getting annoyed at being awake but dozed a bit and got up at 6.  So that’s partly why I am, and indeed usually get, tired.  I’m not aware I’m worrying about missing my alarm and thus my flight but I probably am.
I will always have tea and breakfast at home.  I will get to the airport a few hours later and have a hollow, empty feeling stomach.  I will have a second breakfast and a coffee.  I will then eat on the plane, eat when I get to my destination and if there is an evening with time for dinner, I will eat again.  I will wonder why my body clock and eating patterns are all over the show.  I will blame flying!
I like to be at the airport at least two hours before a flight, in part because I hate rushing to catch things that will cause me great inconvenience and money to miss, but mainly because of the joy of airport shopping.
I think it is a myth that things are cheaper at the airport and I rarely buy anything anyway, but I love the duty free shops with vast arrays of samples and things to spray on.  I am currently unmoisturised, unmade-up and not wearing perfume.  Actually, I don’t wear perfume, except when I go to an airport!  I am going to Heathrow terminal 5 where the quality of beauty concessions is far superior to other UK airports.  I am not looking forward to today’s destination of Stockholm because I’m only there to do a job that I am dreading; I am, however, ridiculously excited about (if all goes to plan) getting through X-ray and having two hours before the flight takes off, maybe an hour and a half of breakfasting, sampling and – I forgot this one, a “travel treat” – deciding which trashy magazine to buy for the flight!
Baron’s Court now (according to the signs it’s Barons Court) awaiting the Piccadilly tube to Heathrow.  Hurry up, this is my shopping time!


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