{21/02/2012}   The price of perfect skin

While whining to all who will listen that I am fairly skint, I am now trying to banish feelings of guilt of having squandered £189 of much needed money (well, it is on my credit card, but “eek” still applies!). On half a beauty regime. Yes, I was at an airport and yes I had that whole “woo, hoo, holiday spending” mentality, even though this is a work trip (at least I am earning something to pay for it, I suppose!).

The half regime is because I couldn’t justify spending more than £200 on creams and potions that claim to make me look youthful, and I believe a “perfect complexion” was assured, but which are probably filled with mystery ingredients which I’d do well never to know the origins of!

This may smack of my being conned, but I have tested this brand before, it was good and I did go to the counter in the hope of getting a free facial before buying something. So I was in vague control of a spending spree.

It’s Dr Sebagh and it costs 20% less at the airport (Heathrow terminals 4 and 5). Be silly not to, eh?! I was there for 30 minutes. My face has been exceptionally dry of late and a moisturising routine I’d been experimenting with had failed badly (some fancy Lancome products which really were fill of ingredients that meant nothing to me, but fortunately two weeks of free samples). I rocked up at the Dr Sebagh stand free of products or make up. The lady who gave me the facial wasn’t pushy and seemed to ask appropriate questions and I think understood my skin issues. She first did a test on my hands. No kidding, the treated one looked noticeably better post-products. I was then invited to the reclining chair. She used a water-into-foam cleanser, then rubbed in a mask that I lay with for 15 minutes. Surprisingly relaxing. I then trotted off to the loos to wash it off. On returning, I had a serum applied, another type of serum massaged in and a moisturiser rubbed gently in. I then had eye cooling gel massaged around my eyes. That felt good. Apparently that particular eye cream sold out at Harrod’s when it first went on sale as it’s that good. It did actually feel quite remarkable, a bit like your eye area having a caffeine rush!

Prior to anything being put on, she advised me that my face would go red. She explained why but it was quite medical sounding so I can’t recall. After commiting to the mask, she told me I would get spots the next day. Nice.

All was good, lots of tingling and the feeling that good things were happening. I then looked in the mirror. Yikes, blimey and gosh, my face was very blotchy and red! So I bought the cleanser and two serums (I already have a moisturiser). I wouldn’t normally buy products that make my face look so dramatically different in an oh-look-at-her-poor-face kind of way, but no pain/blotches, no gain/hydrated beautiful skin … right?

In four days I will have a complexion to rival that of a spot-free youth. Hurrah!

This is the most I’ve ever spent on beauty products. I do feel really guilty and naughty about potentially wasting so much money but, having spent years of trying different products, a lot of which I react badly too, don’t work, etc, I am going to try one whose claims I desperately want to come true. And I expect to see results and no more dry patches on my cheeks. Oh, and to look more youthful! Pushing my luck a bit with the youthful thing, but I hope this beauty regime works.


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