{27/02/2012}   Questions

Some totally random questions, inspired by a suggestion from a friend. My answer to every one of them is yes.

Can you eat a whole 12-pack of Jaffa Cakes in one sitting?

Does eating cucumber make you burp?

If you get hiccups once in a day, do you end up having them three times in a day?

Does someone speaking to you in a Liverpudlian or Welsh accent make you respond with the same accent back, despite being neither Liverpudlian or Welsh?

Does the taste of black instant coffee remind you of gravy?

Have you ever watched three or more films consecutively in a cinema?

Does the thought of going to, for example, Alton Towers fill you with a dread so great that you know with certainty you will never set foot in an “amusment” park again?

Does the thought of chicken oysters and bone marrow as a starter (Heston Blumenthal’s Dinner) make you think that someone has created a plate of food heaven?

Does the idea of skiing a black run excite you roughly 379 times more than the reality would?

Does the idea of a leech sucking your blood in the name of medicine make you feel thoroughly repulsed and violated?

Might you have forgotten (or just been reminded) how good After Eights are?

Do you not enjoy taking the first scoop of Marmite out of a new jar as much as you might expect?

Does orange juice excite you more than eating an orange?

Do you wear iron-needing shirts that aren’t ironed?

Do buffet breakfasts make you eat roughly three breakfasts in one sitting?

Does a teabag left in milky water revolt you so much you couldn’t drink it, however rude it might be to leave it?

Does it disappoint you how often people (in general) disappoint you?

Do most of your pens not work when you need to use them?

Does paying to park your car make you angry?

Have you often been in situations where you wished you kept coins and money in your car for emergencies?

Do you only put up an umbrella once you’re wet and don’t want to get wetter rather than putting it up at the slightest hint of rain to avoid getting wet at all?

Do you hate adverts on TV but love adverts at the cinema?

Do you tire of replying to the restaurant question, “Is everything ok” with, “It’s lovely, thanks”?

Do you worry that your appreciation of modern art is limited, at times non-existent?

Have you ever played in snow and felt like you’re about 12 years old again … until you realise you’re out of breath quite quickly?

Are you prone to buying clothes you like over buying clothes that suit you?

Do you feel wronged that when fashion dictates shops should sell beige, taupe, mustard, yellow and other mixes of yellows and beige, you know that nothing will ever make those colours suit you, no matter how many different shades in all variety of styles you try on?

Are there people on TV you dislike/who annoy you so much you immediately switch over when they come on?

Do you pick and fiddle with your cuticles pretty much all the time and does it drive you to distraction (ie more cuticle picking) that you can’t seem to stop no matter what you try?


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