{28/02/2012}   Stream of consciousness

Looking out the window it is grey. I feel a bit tired. It is nice that I have tidied a bit,but I know if I turn round I will see relatively ordered piles of need-to-find-a-home-for stuff. I am hungry. I don’t think I should be. I know I have soup for lunch and that doesn’t interest me in the slightest. Soup rarely interests me. I bought a vinyl covered 1960s ish chair the other day. I wish it were leather. I’ve just noticed there is dust in the button areas, must clean it. I haven’t had a coffee yet, my machine has been on a while. I’d very much like someone to bring me a cup of coffee right now. I am wearing a top that looks awful on me, it’s a bit too Pringle and not me at all. I far too often buy clothes that I want to suit me but which don’t. If all goes to plan I’m going to Manchester next week and seeing friends on Sunday who live there. i have a favourite cafe up there, I shall be going there. I wish they would bring me a coffee now. I worry I am becoming caffeine dependent. Tea is my weakness rather than coffee though. It just feels wrong not to have one good coffee a day. It will be my reward for finishing this. I don’t have any holidays coming up. I would like to see polar bears or wild cats (tigers) in their natural habitat. I wish polar bears and tigers lived closer. It would be a bit annoying to go to a tiger place as I like cold weather and siberian tigers are virtually extinct. I think my cat looks like a wild cat but no one else seems to see that side of her. I would very much like to have kitten time with a tiger and cub time with a polar bear. I have put a pot of pens and a small pad of paper on my new (but old) coffee table. It is very useful but I quite like having a free table top as most of my tables have something on them. I find it very hard to keep table tops clear. I know my washing machine has finished. I should have hung up my wet clothes but I really hate hanging out clothes to dry. But I hate putting clothes away once they’re dry even more. If I were filthy rich, maybe a laundry service would become a guilty routine. Even better if I could pay someone to do the washing and hang it outside to dry, I love the smell of outdoor dried clothes. Wow, just gone 11.30am and I am struggling not to eat. How can I be that hungry? It wasn’t particularly early that I had toast and boiled egg. It was very satisfying to have a perfectly runny egg this morning, recently I’ve only produced soft but hard boiled eggs. My toast came from the most expensive loaf I’ve ever bought (£7 from the Swedish equivalent of Harrod’s) and it was rye bread so I had small soldiers. Maybe my soldiers were too short and that’s why I’m still hungry. But it was probably the nicest rye bread I have ever had. I am going to make coffee now and I might just indulge in a packet of Pom Bears I bought yesterday for hunger crises such as this!


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