{01/03/2012}   Glass apple pot pourri container: how not to de-clutter

     Day one of the childhood bedroom tidying day didn’t go as well as hoped.  The more I think about it, the less surprised I should be.  I was buoyed along by the belief that wanting to do something as much as I wanted to do that would immediately result in ruthless success.  So I learnt a lesson, that positive thinking does not always produce positive results, or at least not on a grand scale.

However, I don’t think it went as badly as I’m probably making it sound, for I did pretty much fill one black bin bag with miscellaneous rubbish and one with paper rubbish.  There is also a box and another bin bag that are slowly filling with charity shop fodder.  It goes awry where there are still things stored (albeit much reduced and neatly arranged) and that I brought home a large shopping bag (it could even be described as very large) of ooo-that’s-nice/useful/interesting stuff.

As for the glass apple pot pourri container, I have had and loved that since my French exchange student came to stay and gave that to me.  The only reason I have not had it with me all these years since moving out is because I don’t like pot pourri and it seemed an unnecessary ornament, particularly because of its fragile nature.  I will not get rid of it.  I will use it and love it.  I can see the irony though, it kind of sums up why I am not doing well at getting rid of stuff.  Getting rid of it will not make me feel better and it will not make me ruthless, I shall use it as a reminder that I have a lot to learn in terms of sorting stuff.

As for other things I kept, there are some cups and saucers with playing cards on them (I should maybe sell them as they are niche and kind of cool).  There are also some bowls, one of which has my name on it.  There is a possibility that people reading this are just shouting, “Charity” at the screen.  Well I hear you.  I see a lot of possibility for a round two.

What do I do with what is probably undesirable silver jewellery?  And money?  I have so many coins and notes from everywhere I’ve been and probably all the currencies I have there are invalid, though I can see it might be worth keeping hold of the Greek drachmas (ahem!).  Then there’s stuff … now writing it makes it seem obvious that it should go to charity.  It just didn’t seem that obvious yesterday.

As for the stuff I brought here, a few more kitchen things ranging from wooden bowls (I will, I will, I will use them) to delightfully large shot glasses (already used them!).  Kind of ok.  I found lots of hideous writing paper, which I can and will use.  There are more books, quite a few (maybe a further 20 to add to an already large collection) of which are from my Beat Generation obsession years (there are even old US magazines with Beat writers’ articles etc), including my dissertation on Jack Kerouac and Henry David Thoreau.  There are also a few folders of memory box type things, but really not many.

Photos and books are a new issue.  I will address them another day perhaps.  However, I realise I am still kind of enjoying this process and maybe I do need to do the big sort first, then go through it all again.  I may just get there, wherever that is, in the end.


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