{07/03/2012}   Road rage: annoying, dangerous and downright rude things that other drivers do

I am pretty sure that I haven’t ever driven somewhere without someone else’s driving being a cause for a tut, an expletive or a rant. Here are some grrrr driving situations:

People who don’t indicate. It really isn’t challenging to flick the little indicator wand, it’s right by the steering wheel for goodness sake! Though if you smoke or speak on your mobile with your indicator hand, I can see this could be a problem.

People (I am cautious using the word “drivers” as some people really aren’t, can’t and don’t) who are clearly concentrating more on smoking, their mobile phone, eating, applying make-up etc, than driving.

Middle Lane Owners’ Club. Seriously, get into the inside lane and pootle there. Oooo, that gets a double grrrrr, maybe even a triple.

Teenage boys at the wheel of Corsas or whichever Peugot their crazy parents buy them and which they then kit out with sub woofers, alloys, etc. They drive like idiots and have no comprehension of what turds they’re being. I did once have a minor smug victory over a teenager in a pimped Corsa. I was quite correctly in the outside lane, going just over 70mph, overtaking. I have a 2.5 BMW compact, a car I know with certainty is higher spec than a Corsa weighed down by woofers and kit. Said teenager suddenly appeared in my rear view mirror. And I mean the teenager did, not the car. He was as close as if he were parked. I was enraged but gave myself a chance to think. No point braking as (a) he wouldn’t have seen my brake lights so (b) he would have gone into the back of me. So I floored my car. Once engaged (pissy automatic gear box) I left him for dust, overtook the remaining cars and reduced speed in the inside lane. Up yours, you little upstart, you wouldn’t even get insured on my car. Teenage boys are possibly a triple grrrr.

Saaaaf London dealer style driving, usually at great speed, one hand on the wheel, the other arm resting on the door’s window ledge, aggressive and prone to finger action as they overtake you at 40 for going too slow over 20mph speed humps. Fear factor keeps expletive rant and reply finger raising to a minimum on my part.

People who wear gloves to drive and who drive bolt upright as if driving Miss Daisy herself in a suitably old upright seated car.

People who pull out and cause you to brake abruptly.

People who drive on your backside.

People who drive on country lanes like they’re one-way but say it’s ok because they know the roads. You may know the roads but you don’t know the traffic. Idiots.

People who drive way, way below the speed limit when there is no reason to.

Some elderly people should not be on the roads.

People who knowingly get in the wrong lane with a view to cutting you up or pushing in at a later point.

Taxi drivers who nudge out so much you have to let them go, but who then do an unexpected U-turn when the other side of the road isn’t clear thus pulling in front of you and blocking your way. One doing that was the closest I came to having a nasty accident on my motorbike.

White van drivers. A stereotype where the likehood of it not being accurate stops me feeling bad about making sweeping generalisations.

People who barge through single lane areas (eg where there are parked cars) when they don’t have the right of way and make you reverse when their stopping would’ve been possible. Nobs.

People who zip into the parking space you are poised to manoeuvre into.

People who don’t use lights effectively or appropriately, normal lights and fog lights.

I could go on but I’m getting wound up with “driver” incompetence incidents I keep thinking of!


Becky x says:

Oh so true! The middle laners really get on my nerves. Yesterday there was an incident. The driver was female, blond, middle aged I think and sat bolt upright. She tried to turn down a two laned one way street but I shook my hand at her to say noooo, especially since I was sat in the right hand lane waiting to turn right. So instead she decided to still turn into the road down the cycle lane, mounting the pavement and skimming the floor to ceiling windows of a restaurant!! I didn’t hang around to see how she got out of that one! Daft!

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