{10/03/2012}   Questions: all my answers are the first option

George Clooney or Brad Pitt?

Tea or coffee?

Cats or dogs?

Sky dive or bungee jump?

Marmite or peanut butter on toast?

An evening in with a good film or a good book?

Beer or wine?

Flats or heels?

Chicken or beef?

Cake or chocolate?

Curtains or blinds?

Train or plane to Paris?

Christmas goose or Christmas turkey?

Jammy dodgers or iced rings?

Long black dress or short black dress?

Winter or summer?

Spring or autumn?

Cinema or DVD?

Book or e-reader?

PC or Mac?

Motorbike or moped?

Orange or pink walls?

Iceland or Maldives?

Warm weather: picnic or cafe?

London: train, bus or tube?

Shakespeare or Dickens?

Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte?

Yorkshire or Cornwall?

Hot Ribena or hot honey & lemon?

Keypad mobile phone or touch screen mobile phone?

Atlas or dictionary?

On a long train or plane journey: magazine or book?

Book or computer/Wii/X Box game?

Seaside or countryside?

Sweets or chocolates?

Gardening or knitting?

Taking photos or being photographed?

Books: Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

Rom com or horror?

South of the Thames or North of the Thames?

Book case or shelves?

Mango or grapes?

Leather gloves or woolen gloves?

Waterproof jacket with hood or umbrella?

Rucksack or wheelie case?

Restaurant: cash or card?

Letter or email?

Duvet or blankets?

Bubbly or wine?

Lamb or beef?

Wake up early or go to bed late?

Camping or a hostel?

Weekend away in the UK: B&B or hotel?

Recipes: Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson?

X Factor or Strictly?

Big Brother or I’m a Celebrity?

Vegetables or fruit?

Pudding or ice cream?

Which would it be harder to give up: cheese or chocolate?

Which would it be harder to give up: caffeine or alcohol?

Starter and main or main and dessert?

Which is more likely to make you giggle: fart or burp?

Poolside bar or ice bar?

To travel 100 miles in ye olde days in mild weather: horse or horse and carriage?

To relax: long hot bath with all the trimmings or a massage?

BBC radio 2 or BBC radio 1?

BBC radio 4 or BBC radio 2?

Teen pop or easy listening?

Cross country skiing or down hill skiing?

Driving a car or being driven in a car?

Most likely to get rage: driving or queuing?

Are you maximalist or minimalist?

Are your photos largely on your computer or in albums?

Which night of no sleep would you struggle with more: from music at a party or accidental overdose of caffeine before going to bed?

Worst day in hell: all day on roller coasters or in a circus filled with clowns?

Skiing or snowboarding?

Would you rather see polar bears or pandas in the wild?

Black biro or blue biro?

Put your hand in a bowl of worms or drink fermented mare’s milk?

Cooked fish or raw fish?

With a £500 voucher would you rather treat yourself to an item of clothing or a pair of shoes?

Which is worse: unpacking or packing?


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