{11/03/2012}   Word association: rashes, mayonnaise and motorbikes

That song, something about tiger feet.
I am not a big fan of feet, they are prone to revolting smells and are not things of beauty.
The beauty industry must be worth a staggering amount. After my foray into the world of an expensive beauty regime (potentially rashy neck as a result!), I have discovered that a lot of friends, including those who aren’t usually extravagant, either have in the past or do now spend a lot of money on particular products.
Products reminds me of brands and how I’ve become a bit of a snob about certain brands of certain products. For example, it may not be the best but for me it has to be Heinz tomato ketchup and baked beans and Hellman’s mayonnaise.
Homemade mayonnaise and shop bought mayonnaise taste a lot different. Homemade, especially with a bit of garlic and lemon zest has to be a favourite, particularly with squid rings.
I used to hate squid, though I still do when it’s overcooked and rubbery. Now I love it and it’s what I want for dinner.
Dinner is my favourite meal of the day, closely followed by breakfast. Lunch doesn’t excite me usually, it’s more about fuelling up for the rest of the day.
The price of fuel shocks and bewilders me. For once it actually is cheaper to do a lot of journeys, eg London to Manchester, by train (especially with my gas guzzling BMW).
I have a BMW. I never, ever thought I would have a BMW, not my style. I bought it on impulse because it was quite exciting to drive.
I had a 600cc motorbike, a Yamaha Fazer. I loved it. I loved riding it. It was fast, exciting and could beat most cars. I used to sing a the top of my voice while riding home after work, it was my wind down time.
Public transport does not allow me to wind down. I feel like a robot when I commute.
On a commute, you kind of see that we are all brainwashed by what we read. Sometimes you see a whole load of people reading the Metro. All fed the same news and information and perspective.
I used to hate watching the news because it always made me feel sad. Now I feel a need to watch news, in part to be able to join in with current affairs, etc, conversations.
There is an art of conversation. There are some people I know whom I realise make me feel a need to talk. They are the only people who must think I’m a chatterbox.
I often used to wonder which Mr Man or Little Miss character I most closely resembled. I still don’t know. Now I wonder more what my (Philip Pullman, His Dark Materials) daemon (an animal that is your soul) would be.
The concept of after-life, what happens to your soul, is something I could spend my lifetime struggling to comprehend.
It amazes me that as I get older, I realise there is so much to learn and understand about life and I can’t see how all that can be fitted in. Older is wiser, it really is. Wiser is not always right though!


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