{15/03/2012}   How grubby are you?

How often do you clean your fridge? How often do you wash your sheets? How often do you vacuum? How often do you wash your pyjamas/bra/jeans? It would appear I am properly grubby if my brief internet research and friend questioning is anything to go by!
I clean my fridge about once every six months, a proper everything-out clean. I hate doing it and as it’s a cold environment, it never really occurred to me more frequent cleaning was necessary. I do give spillages etc a cursory wipe as and when they happen though. Apparently, once a week is good. Seriously? I have now got a lovely clean fridge. Maybe it’ll progress to being cleaned every two months now? Realistically, I might manage that.
Sheets. I am embarrassed to confess they get done every three to four weeks. Yikes. In my defence, I do usually shower before bed. The general consensus seems to be every week. I’m not going to detail why but you can imagine, dead skin, bed bugs, etc. I now have clean sheets and I might manage up to two weeks in future. A friend says she has a fortnightly cleaner who also does her sheets. My friend sleeps in one bed for one week and the spare bed for the other week!
Vacuum. Erm, when it looks grubby? My research seems largely consistent: if no children or pets, once a week. Otherwise, two to three times per week. Oh dear. I have a cat. Short haired and not outdoorsy though. Some sites say every day for “heavy traffic” areas but that once or twice a week is more realistic. According to Good Housekeeping, you should vacuum seven strokes over high traffic areas and three to four over lighter traffic areas. It turns out you can invest in a vacuum cleaner with dust sensor to aid this!
Pyjamas. I wash them pretty much every time I do a dark wash, so maybe weekly. General consensus is two to three nights of wear, a little more if you shower before bed (hurrah!), ie twice as often as sheets if you wash them weekly. Yikes again.
I have often wondered about bras as they are so close to your skin and sweaty bits. There is no consensus. Anything from every day (surely they wouldn’t last long?) to up to a month. I think I get maybe four wears.
Jeans appears to be very controversial. Some argue that they were designed for cowboys etc and like they’re going to regularly wash their jeans. One suggestion was wash new jeans after six months (blimey!) Then every three months. Apparently it takes c1800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to make a pair of jeans. There are a surprisingly large number of environmental sites saying that jeans shouldn’t be washed frequently. The United Nations Environment Programme says jeans should be worn at least three times. To preserve colour they should be washed cold and air dried. As for me, maybe five wears but I know I’ve worn them longer. Not sure about jeans now.
All in all, clothing wise I don’t feel too grubby but house wise, I found this rather distressing. I think I will endeavour to up the cleaning if nothing else!


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