{23/03/2012}   A day of two halves

Do you ever have a really rubbishy day that at first glance appears to have had no highlights? I did yesterday (it wasn’t a hugely bad day, it just felt that the tedious and uncomfortable (back issues) working element of the day eclipsed any nice things that may have happened without my really noticing them). So I am going to tell you about my day as if only the good things happened, a bit of spin!

I got into London unscathed, I had a double seat to myself for my 55 minute high speed train line and the mixture of sun and mist was quite enchanting. I am reading a book that I’m increasingly getting into (David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas) and the journey went quickly. I detoured to Soho Square on a coffee bean mission. For every bag of coffee you buy you get a “free” coffee. I bought two bags. Maybe a bit sad but I sort of made out that I was giving a friend a coffee so I asked for a cappuccino and a flat white to go. Research. I have always been slightly unsure as to the difference in taste between the two and think of myself as a cappuccino girl.

I took my coffees and sat on a bench in the sun in Soho Square. My verdict was that the flat white is the way forward: stronger coffee taste and less milk. They were from Nude coffee, one of the few cafes I seek out and whose coffee I really like.

I walked to the Royal Courts of Justice (work) along Drury Lane, thinking how nice it was to be in the sunshine and having a different walk to work. I took a cut through LSE and wondered if I’d like to be a student again. I decided I wouldn’t but that I like the idea of studying again and challenging my brain.

By lunch time I was ravenous so I took my stinky egg sandwiches into New Square (behind the RCJ) and sat on a stone bench overlooking the beautiful gardens and buildings in that square. I eavesdropped on two girls who were talking about a missing pen and how the one who had lost her name-engraved pen ended up emailing all 400 London-based lawyers, etc, within her office asking if anyone had seen her pen. For completeness (this was an extraordinarily long story!), the pen was mysteriously left on her desk while she was away from it. She was wondering whether to email everyone again to ask about it/thank someone but her friend thought it wise not to pester everyone. Again. Egg sandwiches were good too. If I ever come into lots of money and want a flashy car, I will go to QC car parks to get an idea of what car to buy. Bizarrely, I saw a Maserati (yes please, though not that model, it looked like a flashy Mondeo) parked next to a white heavily pimped-up Corsa, go figure!

It was home time just after 5pm, which was unexpectedly early for a full day’s very interrupted submissions. Due to unforeseen transport problems, I ended up at Stratford’s Westfield and as there was time before my next train, I popped into M&S. I was drawn to “Offers” and there, tempting me delightfully, were chicken kievs. I’d not had them in ages and I really, really fancied chicken kievs for dinner. Very exciting!

As ever, I got a seat on the rush hour high speed train home and continued reading my book. There is an area of Essex within the M25 where there are marshy looking lakes. There was an early evening fog/mist that in the dark looked very Wuthering Heights, strangely mesmerising. Saw the standstill of traffic on the M25 QE2/Dartford Crossing and felt thankful to be zipping along at about 140mph.

The chicken kiev, peas and carrots dinner with a glass (two?) of wine hit the spot. My cat sat on my lap, I chatted to a friend on Facetime (Skype type thing on iPad) and had two phone conversations. Feet up, bed reasonably early. Ahhhh, not such a bad day after all!


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