{24/03/2012}   Spring cleaning

There are times when I love cleaning. This morning was one of those unfortunately rare occasions. Last night I tidied and dusted (my rock and roll Friday night!) but couldn’t face vacuuming or cleaning. This morning I have been furiously cleaning. I am definitely a morning cleaner. The windows are open, I can hear birds singing and there is an air of freshness everywhere. I am well and truly feeling the joys of spring.

Spring is my favourite season. The days suddenly seem longer, the greens are fresh and vibrant and there is hope for … well, all kinds of things, not least a cleaner home! I did a big spring clean a few weeks ago. Room by room, most things got moved and cleaned. Windows were left open, washing dried outside and I even managed to throw a few things out. It does horrify me how quickly vacuumables reappear though. I understand more than ever that having a cleaner would be a joy. I would miss my unplanned big cleaning sessions, but not so much that I would rather not have a cleaner. I’m not planning to get one though as I have time to do it myself most weeks.

A friend had a cleaner for a while (quite a few friends have cleaners, it transpires) and as his flat looked so good after a few visits, I decided to take advantage of her cleaning knowledge so took note of the products she’d been using. I am now largely tooled up for some hard core cleaning. I had previously tried to be a bit more eco about products, but sadly they largely don’t work. Though vinegar in the sink with a sprinkle of bicarbonate of soda left to fizz before wiping away is a wonder to behold. Also, vinegar to wipe away grease is amazing. And cola down the loo gives a good clean. I’m on an eco roll here. A bit of lemon (eg what you’d throw away after squeezing) wiped over chopping boards then rinsed off is good at getting rid of a bit of garlic/onion odour. That might be it for my eco cleaning repertoire. i would feel even more virtuous about spring cleaning if my cleaning products weren’t full of things origin-unknown.

But I won’t let a few chemicals get in the way of my spring cleaning enthusiasm. This is quite out of character but I am writing this and hoping to end very soon so I can crack on with the bathroom! It’s been dusted and vacuumed but I am now lusting after the mega chemical tile cleaner that makes my tiles gleam, Viakal. I have discovered a real appreciation for glossy tiles! What fun lies ahead this morning. Largely thanks to a friend coming to stay for the weekend! See, there had to be a reason, didn’t there?!


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