{26/03/2012}   Hay fever

Something seemed unusual as I walked through a garden of blossoms and spring shoots. I was sniffing the air and it felt like a novelty. Aha, yes, the weather is warm, flowers and polleny things are coming out, yet it’s not quite hay fever season. I realise that usually when it’s this warm and sunny it would be foolish to sniff in the fresh air because that one sniff would lead to nasal misery. For the next few days, weeks if I’m lucky, I am going to inhale the warm air with joy.

I know there are people who get hay fever worse than me but it still makes every day for a good few months a little more challenging than I’d like. Fortunately, antihistamines work enough to alleviate the worst of my symptoms but they do not enable me to, say, walk around a flower show without itchy eyes, a sniffle, the odd sneeze and a sore throat niggle.

Like most hay fever sufferers I have tried most things, from chewing licorice root to natural remedy pills. The only thing that helps is that Haymax cream. You rub it around your nostrils and it smells nice. I believe the idea is that it makes a film around your nostril so when pollens fly noseward they never make it past the filmy block around your nostrils. However, it only really works if you regularly apply it, so to that end it would be great if you wanted to not make a fuss while sitting next to your gran’s pride and joy lily display.

As for itchy, teary red eyes, wearing gas permeable contact lenses has always helped, probably in part because wearing them stops me rubbing furiously at my eyes.

I took up someone’s advice last year and bought an air purifier. They take up a fair bit of room but if you use it overnight (doors and windows closed) most mornings I felt pretty much hay fever free. I think a decent one is a good investment.

For me though, it is the almost constant sore throat that annoys me most. I hate sore throats at the best of times but I can never get rid of allergy sore throats and I do that hideous inner throat gulpy itch thing that makes my neck look like a snake swallowing a whole frog. Not pretty.

This year, having had a few days of non hay fever warm weather loving, I am going to try as many supposed remedies as I can. The thing I am most optimistic about is NeilMed SinuRinse. A pharmacist recommended it to me for a particularly heavy cold and sinus pain. It made a huge difference and I now always use it successfully for heavy colds. However, it claims to be effective for hay fever symptoms. But if you see it, don’t be put off that you basically squirt saline up your nostril and it comes out your mouth or nose! Honestly, it feels merely weird rather than remotely painful. It makes your head feel bizarrely flushed! Fingers crossed it will work on hay fever!


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