{30/03/2012}   Every day just-so obsessions

I often wonder if things I do are “normal”. Possibly they aren’t but while once I would have cared, I am now prepared to embrace my perhaps verging on OCD habits as quirks, eccentricities even. So I shall lay myself bare and with any luck at least one person I concern “normal” will announce they do such things too!

Bread and butter. I can’t eat sandwiches with butter, nor butter on toast destined to be paired with jam, nor toast that is hard through. But marmite requires the toast straight out the grill, with butter spread on straight away. But if the toast is too hard, I’ll just have jam on it. Hot toast with (what becomes) melted butter is good on its own.

Toilet paper. The bit you pull has to come from the top rather than the bottom, ie it will roll clockwise. I have been known to take loo roll off the roller and turn it round.

Tea mugs. I only have two tea mugs that produce a perfect cuppa. They are both fine bone china, white, tall and slim. One has crocodiles on it, the other cats. I don’t like crocodiles but they are cute ones. Both mugs were presents, one when I was a teenager (recently found it while clearing out) and one from maybe ten years ago. I’m not so bothered about using them during the day but my one necessary tea is my first tea of the day and I have to use one of those mugs. I understand why Lady GaGa has her tea cup on tour with her.

Drink-in cappuccino, ie in a china cup. Before drinking, I will always stir just the froth, slowly, then do a full spoon around the inside of the cup. Then it is ready for drinking.

Washing up. I will always wipe off food debris and pile up dishes for washing. Only then will I even contemplate starting to clean them. Rinsing is essential. Drying up is an appalling prospect, only to be done when you need more drying room. Even when I’ve been drunk, I have always washed up before going to bed. I hate washing up and the thought of being faced with dirty dishes the next day horrifies me.

Clothes. If I am going to be getting up early or know I will have very little time in the morning, all my clothes for that morning will have to be laid out ready.

Clocks. Alarm clocks and car clocks are always to be set between one minute and ten minutes fast. My watches are set to the time on the train station clock!

Packing lists. I spend a long time writing packing lists. I am now so dependent on them, I worry what would happen if I forgot to write something down. I didn’t used to write obvious things down, eg clothing, I now write out of the ordinary clothing down as I did once forget my suit for a work trip that required smart clothes.

Petrol. My tank is rarely less than a quarter full. I have only once driven in the warning area and it distressed me enormously.


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