{06/04/2012}   Cake mixture and cake

Yesterday I ate a substantial amount of ingredients and a tea-needing-amount of cake mixture (you know how once you start eating something sweet, you need a tea or coffee with it after a while).  My face was smeared with mixture, I got blobs down my top and I stagger to think how much more cake there would be if I had restrained myself.  It’s simnel cake, you see, and I love it.  I love marzipan, toasted almonds, dried fruit …

This got me thinking about cake in general.  Ignoring my current obsession with Mr K’s lemon fondant fancies, there is no cake like freshly baked cake, or indeed like cake mixture.  If somebody suggested I eat a spoon of flour, a raw egg, some baking powder, etc, I would turn my nose up in disgust.  But mixed with cake ingredients, just you try to stop me!

As a child, I was often the recipient of cake bowl scrapings, which I was allowed to consume with my fingers.  I don’t think my ongoing cake mixture appreciation is a childhood thing, I just think there is something strangely delightful and naughty about licking cake mixture off bowls and spoons.  Plus of course it defies all logic and tastes lush!

As for cake, it’s a treat, a comfort and, if you’ve just made it, a sense of accomplishment.  That something can go from a gloopy mixture to a soft, light, fluffy cake is nothing short of a miracle.  I wonder how lots of things were discovered, but mainly I feel envious of the person who discovered that mixing flour, egg, sugar, etc, then placing it in an oven would result in something as delicious as cake.  And that adding, say, a bit of butter mixed with icing sugar to the top or middle of the cake would make it even better.  What a happy day that would have been.

I am so over fairy cakes/cupcakes.  I don’t mind homemade ones but the ones that are sold now in abundance have huge amounts of, even by my sweet tooth standards, hyperactivity-inducing sickly sweet icing.  I went to a lovely cupcake shop in Manchester recently.  The cakes were all baked on the premises and I was very excited about the prospect of an away-from-home tea and cake session.  I chose an After Eight choc mint cupcake.  It had chunks of After Eight in it.  I love After Eights.  Yes it was lovely but it was a tad too green and there was way too much icing.  Which I “forced” myself to eat.  I then had a nausea niggle for a while afterwards.

Simnel cake is one of the best cakes there are.  For anyone reading this thinking of having me round for tea, my favourite cakes are simnel cake, coffee cake (but it has to be with Camp coffee and no walnuts, please), one particular friend’s chocolate ginger cake (so gooey and mmmmm) and I’m rather partial to all things lemony but place a dry lemon drizzle cake in front of me and I will give you a look of disgust.  Dry cake is properly foul.  There are so many cakes out there I haven’t tried, maybe once I’ve finished blogging every day, I could do a six-month cake challenge whereby I eat a different cake every day and review it.  Top idea.


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