{13/04/2012}   Daily irritations and annoyances

There are things I encounter on a potentially daily basis that make me pull a very frowny, sometimes even disapproving, face, and sometimes an involuntary yet audible tut (that’s reserved for when things are really annoying!).  I know I am not alone in terms of tolerance thresholds.  Here are some of the things that drive me to frown or even tut.
Mobile phones ringing at full volume, usually with a very annoying ringtone, then answered by a shouter who says nothing worthy of the eavesdropping you are forced to endure.
Headphone music.  And it’s usually shit music.
Drinking tea out and getting a dusty teabag and paying £2.  (This rant could go on and you know I’m in full flow when I get onto, “And this is supposed to be a nation of tea drinkers …”)
Some numb nut leaving chocolate on a seat that you then sit on.  That being chewing gum is a step too far for my tolerance levels!
Being offered special offer chocolates, sweets, water, etc at the till as you’re trying to pay and leave the shop.  And, “Would you like a muffin with that”, as you just want (usually need) your daily coffee fix.  And a new one, being asked if you want to give £1 to charity as you are paying.
People who refuse to budge from their standing area on a crowded tube or train in rush hour.
People eating hot food on public transport, especially pasties (sorry, pasties are really getting it in the jugular these days).
[As seen yesterday] Parents encouraging their very young children to pick tulips from a small public garden.  Bunches of them.
Somebody at the front of a train or tube office queue in peak time buying next day tickets somewhere obscure, thus giving them price and route options.  This makes people miss their trains, etc, and does not make for a happy queue a la Full Monty (I have always wanted to be in a dancing queue like in that film!).
People who push in queues, whether toilet, shop or in a vehicle.
People who park their stupid, pristine, fat 4x4s over two parking spaces.  And same people when they are city driving.  One such woman reversed into my motorbike and damaged it once.  Incompetent fuckwits who should have their licences taken away, or at least have a driving test to see if they can actually handle such a ridiculously big vehicle.  That extends past tutting, I actually shook a fist!
Spelling and punctuation errors on signs.  And that includes writing “paninis”.  I don’t speak Italian but I know that they don’t put an ‘s’ to make a plural.  One panino, two panini.  If you’re going to claim to be an Italian deli, surely one of you must speak Italian?  No, probably not.  Mind you, selling “sandwich’s” and “salad’s”, you should also be able to assume there is a British theme to the food.  So lose the darn apostrophe.  Aggghhhh!!!
Cover charges in restaurants and paying to go into bars.
Paying to pee.
TV adverts.  I hate that the volume goes up for them, I hate the jingles you now hear in shops, I hate being forced into brainwashing.  They are noisy and too many are dubbed, dumbed down, patronising and ridiculous.  Plus advert breaks, as spotted by a fellow TV ranter (James S, that’s you!), now seem to go on longer.  I can make a cuppa AND have a wee during a break now.
Prices of chocolate bars, crisps and drinks.  (Prices in general but grabbable things now seem prohibitively expensive)
Paying extortionate amounts of money to park your car and the greedy machines not giving change.
Tips.  I hate having to deal with tips.  I also don’t like the concept of tips being included in your bill.  I have always struggled with tipping etiquette (I used to work in a hotel restaurant and rarely got tips because in those days when people added them to their room bill or card bill, we didn’t get a penny, plus hotel residents don’t often tip.  A few quid was always really nice).  A percentage of your bill doesn’t seem right.  Oh, I just hate it.  And where do you draw the line?  Supermarket check out people wouldn’t expect a tip, yet they are not well paid.  So why should a taxi driver or hair dresser get a tip?  They too are doing their job.

I could easily go on but that will do for now!


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