{14/04/2012}   Why winning the lottery would be horrid

Over the years, it’s became a bit of a favourite topic, how I would spend my Lotto millions. I am clearly unconvinced of a big win as my new favourite Lotto related topic is how dreadful it would be to win.
Most people wouldn’t expect you to hand over cash if you had earned your fortune or inherited money, but winning it seems to make it fair game. I have a lot of very good friends, I don’t think they would ask me for money. But my suspicion is people I barely know, long lost relatives, etc, would be the biggest problem. Not that I’d go public, I just think people would find out based on my new address and fleet of vehicles for one thing!
But then there are your friends. There are a few I can think of now who I know could really, really do with the money. But if I gave it to the needy, why shouldn’t those in a comfortable financial situation also get money. Why do I feel that the money should be shared to an extent? Is it guilt or is it a desire to help friends?
As for my spending, yes I would go mad. I would have a selection of homes, the most important ones to me being in central London and by the sea. I would buy a brand new car and motorbike for the first time in my life and I would have bespoke clothing. So quite early on it would be apparent I had come into money. I would hate, hate, hate having to explain it to friends because I strongly believe it would change the dynamic of friendships I hold dear. My suggesting a meal out, to a restaurant I would have gone to pre-Lotto-win, would leave me uncomfortable because I would know that everyone with me would know that my paying for the whole meal would be the equivalent of me now handing over £1 to cover a shortfall, for example, in a parking ticket. But it would be weird to have that knowledge hanging over everyone and I wouldn’t like the feeling of paying all the time. Likewise holidays and anything you have to pay for.
I would use the money to finally open up my cafe so I would end up working harder than I do now. What about people I know who don’t have work and would like work? Could I/should I help them out? Maybe start companies and new enterprises. But you really should never work with friends. So again, back to the issues of a much changed dynamic.
These would be things that would stress me enormously and would largely ruin the joy of being able to afford all the things I could possibly want. I have considered not telling people and living a similar lifestyle to now. Maybe I could buy myself a reasonable sized house and say I inherited it, buy a slightly better car (I could swap my new Maserati badges for my worn out BMW ones, surely no one would notice it was a Maserati disguised as a BMW?!) and be subtle with purchases. But this would fail on two levels, firstly because I should be able to spend my money as I wish and secondly, worst, I would be living a lie.
My conclusion is that I do not want to win millions, but I need to win enough money that I can start my cafe, buy a house and have one truly decadent holiday. Ah, yes, that would be perfect. Half a million? That should do it nicely, thank you very much.


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