{17/04/2012}   Questions as ponderings

Based on a book I’m trying to read, The Interrogative Mood by Padgett Powell, today’s post will be purely in the form of questions, things on my mind:

Why is it so windy and miserable in mid-April?  Has everyone else got their heating on too?  On a stupid scale ranging from mildy stupid to shockingly stupid, where would £480 a month for four years to buy a brand new, vaguely realistic ideal car fit?  How could you cook chicken to get a non-chicken-eater to eat it and love it?  Is curry the only way?  Do you find you generally eat to bursting point when you have an Indian meal?  Are the poppadoms to blame?  How cool is the word “poppadom”?  Do you agree that seagull squawks = beach = holiday = nice?  Does bird poo on your car annoy you a lot?  Do you clean your car enough?  When you do clean your car, do you admire it more than is perhaps necessary?  If you were guaranteed to lose weight by commiting to an hour’s exercise a day five days a week or cutting out chocolate, cheese and alcohol from your diet, which would you choose?  Why is it so hard to find jeans that fit perfectly?  Why is buying cars/changing cars so depressing?  How does a mug of tea manage to make so many bad things seem ok, at least temporarily?  Why does my cat have daily visits from a seagull?  How come I have lots of “how to” books yet I am not yet an expert at such things?  Yet?  Why do I struggle to read an entire magazine?  Does anyone else find soup uninspiring and an unsatisfying lunch?  How is it possible, after years and years of farting, that farts can still make people laugh?  If you could be transported, home and contents, anywhere in the world, where would you want to settle?  Why do I struggle with the concept that there are people out there who claim to love cats and dogs equally?  Are cat people and dog people different?  Can it ever be a good idea to go food shopping when you’re hungry?  Is your daytime alcohol consumption tolerance distressingly low, ie one glass and you’re ready for a snooze?  How come I still see US TV shows or films depicting people getting into their cars after drinking alcohol?  Do adverts on TV annoy you?  Do you turn the sound down?  Do you find that cinemas seem louder than they used to be?  Does that make you feel a bit more Victor Meldrew than you would like?  How would you cope if you knew you wouldn’t be able to use your mobile phone for 24 hours?  Do you wish you would be happy about not having your mobile phone?  Assuming there is a general consensus it’s not acceptable to pee in a swimming pool, is it ok to pee in the sea?  Have you ever peed in the sea, in a swimming pool, in the bath or in a shower?  Do you think that everyone will say yes to at least one of those options?  Is it possible to put paragraphs in this post?


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