{23/04/2012}   Ironing

I spent about five minutes trying to find my iron yesterday. Sadly, this is a reflection of how rarely I use my iron. I have convinced myself that ironing is a waste of time, largely because clothes and, for example, sheets get creased when you use them anyway. So how come some people spend ages meticulously ironing pretty much everything? Or is it my lack of ironing that’s more of a worry?
The reason for my frantic iron search was to enable me to use a shirt I haven’t worn for ages because of its extremely uncool crumpling, particularly bad around the collar. Likewise to use a tablecloth that looked like a crumpled tissue and to iron a crease in my subsequently shortened trousers. A build up, if you like. I then got a bit carried away and thought “what the heck” and ironed a pillow case and a short sleeved heavy cotton shirt type top. The overall results were beyond satisfactory. The shirt was rendered wearable, the tablecloth looks delightful, my pillow case is suddenly more interesting and the shirty top was a revelation of loveliness; it reminded me why I liked it and bought it in the first place.
My conclusion was that I could see the worth in ironing. But I’m not going to start ironing more often because it takes up far too much time and effort. I already struggle enough with the sorting, putting in the washing machine, hanging up and putting away of laundry. I hate it. I see it as three jobs in one. Ironing would make it four and I think each chore should merely be one job. I have seen mountains of ironing in some people’s homes. Why? It is inevitable that everyone in those households will look better turned out than me, and for that I do feel slightly embarrassed. But most of my outer clothes, eg jackets, jumpers, cardigans, don’t get creased anyway, so by putting them over my non-ironed clothes the creases aren’t even noticeable. As for sheets, which take an obscene amount of time to iron, they will look lovely before their first sleep but after that they won’t look much better than mine. I can see that my lack of ironing is largely a laziness issue. I didn’t get that attitude from my parents. My mum ironed (and I’m sure still does) a lot of things and my dad ironed his shirts (though the less said about his water in mouth spitting technique the better!).
Maybe most people do take the extra time and effort to make themselves look a little less slap dash than me. I do care; I would rather have ironed clothes. But I’m not prepared to do it more than the maybe four times a year that I currently iron. But if I had lots of money, I would pay someone to do all my ironable laundry (I would rather do my own pants) and hang it or fold it afterwards!


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