{25/04/2012}   Breakfast

I love breakfasts, I get up and usually think about what to have for breakfast.  This morning I am eating freshly baked (bread maker set for 6am) bread that I’ve toasted.  One slice has Marmite on it and the other marmalade.  My first, and most enjoyable, tea of the day is at my side and I have at least 20 minutes of sitting time ahead of me.
I know someone who has the same breakfast at the same time every day, except on a Sunday.  This would ruin it for me.  I can never remember what I had for previous meals but I do know I, unusually for me, had a bowl of cereal yesterday.  I suppose I have toast more than most things but I am a huge fan of eggs for breakfast, from pancakes (a favourite) to poached.
One of my guilty food pleasures is a McDonald’s sausage and egg McMuffin set.  Oh yeah.  I often have that as a birthday treat stemming from when I lived in Japan and my friend Kaori and I started a tradition of delivering a McD breakfast to the birthday girl.  A very nice association, but I’m afraid to say I also buy them occasionally because I love them!
I have recently rediscovered eggy bread with bacon on the side.  Even though I have now almost finished my breakfast, I am on a roll now thinking about favourite breakfasts!  I do love a good fry up and I have a bit of a thing for black pudding, though I hardly ever have it.  Oooo, and a few years ago, based on something I ate at a favourite cafe, Windy Corner, in Whitstable, another favourite is (ideally) portobello mushrooms, sauteed in just a little bit of fat.  Then once they sweat pour away, or soak away with kitchen paper, the water, add a little garlic salt and some pepper.  Then add a large dollop of creme fraiche or sour cream or single cream, something creamy.  So good.  For me, finished off a treat with a bit of crispy bacon and a fried egg.
I can’t get excited about cereals, probably in part because I don’t like milk.  I went through a phase of adding fruit juice instead but that didn’t work.  They don’t excite me.  But an annual bowl of sugar puffs is rather nice.  Likewise Coco Pops!
In the past year or so I have discovered that oats don’t always agree with me.  I can never remember what happens until after I’ve eaten them.  Fortunately, I’m not big on porridge anyway, though if I do have it it has to be one third oats, water, milk and with a dollop of golden syrup.  And people say porridge is healthy?!
I have done the fruit thing, in fact I kept that up for quite a while.  But it fills me up then leaves me desperately hungry about an hour later, thus making me snack, thus rendering the health benefits of the fruit negated, and then some.
Oh crumpets, how I love thee.  And hot cross buns.  Oh yeah.   I have also attempted to recreate the sausage egg McMuffin with English muffins.  Not bad, but such muffins are a little dreary.  Not a huge fan of bagels but I venture there sometimes.
But isn’t it lovely to have a meal that gives you such a boost and which, for me at least – I FORGOT PANCAKES AND WAFFLES, big yum – consists of two of the most exciting things: tea and eggs.  I also like the fact I always have something in the house for breakfast, the same can’t be said for lunch or dinner.  Oh, this is just one great big breakfast love-in!


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