{26/04/2012}   A plan B evening

Work didn’t go to plan yesterday.  Neither did the trains.  But my treasure of a mum drove over to my flat in the early evening to stay with my cat and Chris had almost ready my perfect dinner: bubbly followed by chicken kiev (a recent obsession) with spinach, potatoes and oyster mushrooms.  Then key lime pie.

Fortunately I was working with a friend yesterday, though unfortunate for her as my day started with aches and pains and I never got into the steno zone for the entirety of the day’s c230 pages.  The job sat from 10-6, our highspeed trains had been electrocuted (or similar) so there was commuter carnage and I have another job at 10am today.  I would have been at home for a mere nine hours and I was shattered anyway, hence my plan B.

I ended up with a cracking dinner, chirpy company and a lie-in before work.  Admittedly I have a lot of plan b stuff here … but no work tops.  My choices were yesterday’s slightly (very) whiffy top or an XL man’s t shirt.  But then I found the sad remains of my squash kit, and a clean black polo style top.  Clean and my size is promising, though hardly smart!

Unsurprisingly I have no point to this post and it is not going to suddenly become engaging.  Hold on, I’ve thought of a point!  Normally I pack too much for overnight stays but this last-minute plan has made me see excess packing is unnecessary!  I had borrowed night clothes, a borrowed laptop for work, my HTC charged on a spare BlackBerry charger and I am writing this, with some difficulty, on said HTC.

So thank you to all the people who helped me out last night.  It is also nice for me to have managed a bit of overnight spontaneity, I feel marginally exciting!  Hurrah for plan B being better than plan A!



I would say you were quite chirpy and chatty!

Your plan B evening sounds infinitely better than mine. Guilt ridden from St Pancras to Ashford because two older French ladies were standing up and I didn’t offer my seat because I was knackered after those 230 pages – ok so I probably only did c200 of them, but still! Then watching the connecting train pull out of Ashford as we pulled in, then the 9.52 getting cancelled….then trying to cobble together enough food that didn’t require cooking at 10.45 (the rest of lunch, an avocado and some comte was my supper). So glad I didn’t have to get up this morning. Thank you for encouraging/sympathetic texts, they kept me going!

Your evening was my plan A. I really felt for you on that journey, especially after that grotty, long day. Hope you’ve enjoyed today at home with caramel waffles and tea!

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