{04/05/2012}   Hair: length issues

Why do people’s hairstyles bother so many people?  My mum is in her 60s and has long hair.  Apparently, older women shouldn’t have long hair.  She has been told that and I have also heard people say that.  What on earth does it have to do with anyone else and why on earth does it matter?  This thought stream was triggered by a friend worrying about his dad’s wellbeing based on the fact his hair is now long.

For some reason I have a real issue about boys having long hair.  It is illogical but I find myself getting very annoyed about boys having long hair, more so shoulder length hair than heavy‑metal‑fan‑long‑hair.  Then I get annoyed that it annoys me.

So why do so many people think older women shouldn’t have long hair?  My mum, for example, has always had long hair.  It suits her and she is happy with it.  Why on earth should she cut it short because “society” dictates that women above a certain age should have short hair.  I really, really don’t understand the issue.

As for boys, I suppose my mindset is a little as follows (and I am genuinely uncomfortable about this revelation): girls have long hair, boys have short hair.  Not that I subscribe to the girls wear pink, boys wear blue thing, and neither do I think girls shouldn’t wear trousers.  That said, I wouldn’t think twice about seeing a girl with a short hair do, whereas I would get all frowny about a boy with flowing locks.

There are also more younger people than I expected who don’t seem to approve of men with shaved heads.  What’s wrong with us?  Where do all these hair issues come from?  I heard of someone recently whose job interview feedback was that she wouldn’t get the job while her hair was bright red.  Dyed hair that’s deemed natural isn’t and can’t be an issue, but why does out of the ordinary hair colour create issues?  I expect if I went for the same job interview as three different hair people, normal brown, shaved head and bright green, only the brunette would get the job.  Do you think I’m likely to be wrong?

If anyone has any thoughts on the hair issue, I’d love to hear your comments, it seems to me such a bizarre thing to get het up about, yet much hetting seems to occur where hair is concerned.


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