{06/05/2012}   Microsoft v Apple = Spouse v Fling

I am a PC user who desperately wanted to be a Mac user.  I have tried iPod, iPhone 3, iPad 2 and even iMac.  I have a desktop PC, a netbook and a laptop.  People are very much either PC or Mac, a bit like people being cat or dog.  Neither side will budge about their preference.
The reason I wanted to be Apple was that they are things of beauty, my iMac to me being one grade down from seeing the sea for the first time.  They are design gold, tactile, innovative, amazing and things to bandy about with pride.  They are the Ferrari of computer design.  PCs on the other hand are not things to get excited about, at least not aesthetically, they are Land Rovers.
While I never stopped loving looking at my iMac, I never loved it to work with.  I spent 18 months desperately trying to love it.  Apparently Mac are intuitive when it comes to using them.  I am not going to list the numerous simple things I could not do on my Mac.  Seriously, even sending a photo (I used gmail) was a mammouth chore.  Yes, yes, people have shown me how easy it is.  It wasn’t to me and it would drive me to distraction.  When a friend suggested that a Mac that hadn’t been used for a particularly long time had a good resale value, I realised I could get rid of it.  I had resigned myself to being stuck with it until it died and I could justify getting a new computer.  A friend bought it, and claims to love it.  With the money I got for my (overpriced) iMac, I was able to get a desktop PC (a bargain by comparison), which I still have and which has been easy to use.  The first thing I did was send a photograph.  It occurred to me that the right-click function of PCs is part of the key to my love for the PC.
As for the iPad, my netbook is the nearest equivalent.  The netbook takes yonks to fire up and get going.  The iPad meanwhile is buzzing away with ease.  The iPad is beautiful, except you pretty much have to have a case for it which detracts from the lovely smooth slimline appeal of the iPad.  I mean, I’ve had iPhone iSmash, an iPad iSmash would be even worse.  Yes, the swipey-swipey, tap-tap iPad usage is logical.  But that’s only a novelty when you don’t want to type anything.  I hate, hate, hate touch screen keyboards.  Yes, the iPad keyboard on its side is kind of keyboard sized but I can type at almost 90wpm, but I can’t type anywhere near that fast on a poxy virtual keyboard.  So here I am now on my netbook typing away.  So much better.  Just not as pretty or lightweight.  Oh, and I can transfer files and data from my netbook via USB and attach things to my netbook via netbook.  Now, what purpose do iPads have again?  Oh yes, they look lovely and you can view documents, photos etc with ease.  And you can’t do that on a netbook?  Hey ho.  Back to aesthetics and speed and image perhaps?
I have an iPod Shuffle, which served its purpose, but now I use my mobile phone for music.  I have an HTC Desire Z, which I love because it has a touch screen so I can swipey-swipey, tap-tap and there is a proper keyboard, a winner all round.  And it means I get my “it’s” and “its” right.  The iPhone 3 was a poor phone, the auto correct was unforgivably bad and iSmashes, or at least significant iScratches, were pretty much inevitable.  But the screen was lovely and the apps are good … until they freeze, crash, etc.
After almost five months, the novelty of my iPad, as with my iMac and iPhone, has long gone and I am back to my netbook.  Joyously, Apple products keep their value so it turns out I can sell my iPad 2 for enough money to make it worth getting rid of rather than having as an occasional toy.
One final (no, two) Apple issue is that everything I have bought (not the Shuffle though) I have ended up buying a lot of extras for, from screen saver stickers to cases, docks, photo attachment devices, bluetooth keyboard … oh, and when I was thinking about buying a car, it seems that if you don’t have an iPod or iPhone, you have to buy an additional attachment to use your MP3 player as a source of music in your car.  Clever.  But infuriating.
My final issue for now is that switching between Apple and Microsoft was one of the most stressful and infuriating things ever.  I got rid of my iMac maybe two years ago and I’ve only just got the photos from my iMac onto my PC (largely laziness but there have been numerous, and I really don’t mean “one or two”,  attempts – complicated stuff).  Either or both Apple and Microsoft do not make it easy to switch between the two.  I blame Apple but that may be because Apple seems like the exciting fling and Microsoft the dependable spouse.
Having tried so many different Apple products in a desperate attempt to embrace all things i, I feel it’s time to abandon Apple and my love of fantastic design and settle for Microsoft and all the subtle IT advancements that are making my new laptop a joy to use.  I do think that Microsoft have advanced their user technology more than Apple, Apple are just a long way ahead in terms of aesthetics and graphics and image.  Please, please stop me if I look poised to buy the next Apple invention, the odds are I will not love it once the reality has kicked in.


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