{07/05/2012}   Curry night

Last night ended up being curry and games night, a fun sociable evening.  About seven months ago, the same group of us had a Mexican and TV night, also good fun.  So I’m thinking that a takeaway night once a month or every two months could be the way forward.

It’s great having people round or going to friends’ for dinner, but it does always mean that for a fair proportion of the evening at least one person is confined to the kitchen and there is then the lurking horror of washing up.  Every now and then, it’s a joy to have the restaurant deliver to your door.

For me, takeaways are usually spur of the moment dinner plans, last night being no exception.  I think in part it’s because I see it as a lazy option, hence I don’t plan takeaway dinners.  Plus, when you have friends staying, it seems a bit lazy to order in food; when friends visit I enjoy making an effort with dinner and it’s a kind of thank you for their having come to stay.  But takeaways (or restaurants of course) are a good way of gauging what it is your guest likes to eat.  It is a relatively brave concept to, as I often do, cook for friends without checking if there’s anything in particular they don’t like to eat (beyond checking if they’re vegetarian or have allergies or whatever), so for a more than one night guest, maybe the first night eating out or a takeaway is a good idea?!

As usual, I am skirting around anything that resembles a point.  There’s not a major point to today’s post but having a relaxed and fun evening last night made me think of other group takeaway evenings.  Much as I rant about reality TV, I have had a fair few thoroughly enjoyable interactive takeaway and TV nights whereby we’ve sat in front of the TV eating our takeaway, beers or wine to hand, and shouting at the contestants, judges, etc.  Oh for Strictly and X Factor or equivalent to be on back to back again so a whole Saturday night can be spent eating too much takeaway and abusing contestants and judges on TV.

As for games, I am a complete sucker for Taboo, Articulate and other such games.  I think I have calmed down a bit in my maturing years but I absolutely love that I get completely absorbed in such games, thus making them pure escapism for me.  I know I’m over enthusiastic at times, and possibly verging on the scary/erratic, but last night for example was like a letting off of steam.  And even better, the local Nepalese restaurant delivered (complete with 15% discount, a complimentary bottle of [cooking] wine and a bag of popadoms ), in the 45 minutes they predicted, the food was good (a bit of a change from the more familiar Bangladeshi and Tandoori food I usually eat) and there wasn’t much to wash up.

So I’m thinking that a regular night of takeaways, games and/or reality TV could be on the cards, an evening of slobbing with friends.  I’m writing this like takeaways have just been invented but I think I pretty much associate them with “oh no, I don’t feel like cooking/there’s nothing to eat in the house, let’s just get a takeaway”, but in fact the occasional Shameless style night with friends, eating a takeaway on your lap in front of the telly, is great group relaxation!  Plus it’s also good to have a captive group, who by the time they’ve stuffed themselves with way too much food will feel virtually obliged to agree to play Taboo as it requires little or no movement!


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