{11/05/2012}   Savoury snacks

Salty snacks are sometimes a necessity.  I have often thought about what my favourite savoury snacks are.  There are quite a few, though in pursuit of healthy savoury snacks, I have recently discovered some new treats with beneficial side effects!

I always used to be a crisp girl (depending on my mood: Nice ‘n’ Spicy Nik Naks, ready salted Hula Hoops, cheese Quavers, Scampi Fries, bacon Wheat Crunchies or ready salted Kettle Chips).  Prior to that I was very much of the dry roasted peanut leaning with an occasional foray into Twiglets.  More recently, home-popped sugar and salt popcorn (all goodness eliminated by the sugar and salt, I fear) and my recent discovery: charcoal crackers.

Sometimes, I feel a need, quite a pressing need at times, to have a savoury snack.  The need must be sated.  I have gone off crisps, in part as a one-woman crusade against stingy packet sizes and extortionate per crisp costs, but also because they don’t always hit the spot anymore.  Twiglets now seem too salty and overpowering, each peanut screams “I am full of fat” at me as I shovel them in by the handful and the likelihood of my being at home and able to wait long enough to pop corn is slim.  So charcoal crackers seem good.  They don’t taste of much, so there can’t be much salt in them, dogs have charcoal crackers to deal with halitosis, ergo I expect they make my breath delightful, charcoal is good for digestion (ie it makes you poo) and I actually find them surprisingly moreish.  The only problem is that they taste even better with a nice bit of cheese on them.  I’m not supposed to be eating too much cheese.

In pursuit of nice snacks, I subscribed to for graze boxes.  There are a lot of nutty things (I don’t find most nuts particularly inspiring), seeds (just not satisfying), olives (not a big fan), spicy rice cracker things (don’t enjoy spicy food), variants on Bombay Mix (good, despite hot element, but they are only nice for about a handful, then I find the flavour deadens my tastebuds, then I spot shrivelled green peas in the mix, which I find bizarrely disturbing) and a fair few things that are flavoured to taste of something else (wrong).  As a result of that foray, I did get into dried fruit and a fair few sweet snacks, but I didn’t get much inspiration for savoury delights.

If I had time or inclination, I would probably make cheese straws every few days.  I absolutely love cheese straws, they might even top my savoury snack list.  If at home, a stick of celery completed smothered in peanut butter is always good.  Likewise cheese.  Oh, drat, I forget I’m not supposed to eat cheese (it doesn’t count if it’s cooked, as in cheese straws … right?).

I am writing this because I fancy a savoury snack right now, breakfast having been a while ago.  I think I’m feeling the love for … bread sticks with an as yet undecided dip, maybe something with a hint of garlic.  Mmm, savoury snacks!  Possibly more satisfying than sweet snacks.


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