{15/05/2012}   Being a grump

Yesterday, blaming work and train tickets, I was a grump.  I even heard myself growl as I talked to myself in my head, plus I was very frowny.  In my world, being grumpy is probably quite amusing for others to witness, it is not at all like feeling depressed or po-faced, it’s all about being a bit immature, petulant and ratty.  My grumpy mood lasted from about 12.30 until about 6.30.  This is not the most thrilling blog subject, I can see that, but I learnt some things about the grumps so I will share my knowledge (really, this is a very weak blog post in terms of ground-breaking discoveries!).

My grumps started at the train ticket office when I went to get a refund on the £153 weekly train ticket I’d smugly bought the day before in anticipation of work on Monday, avoiding the Monday morning queue.  The job settled and I was informed a few hours after said smug ticket purchase.  To get the refund, which I did go through with, I had to pay £10 admin fee.  This annoyed me no end.  Then I was put on standby for a three-day job in Manchester.  As it would have meant packing my stuff as well as my cat’s stuff and driving to London then catching a train, I set to packing, tidying, emptying bins, etc.  Still no confirmation two hours later.  I had just put all my bags outside my front door to start loading the car in anticipation, when I got the no-job text.  Two hours wasted, unnecessary packing and unpacking and the grumps set in big time.

I chose this time to sort a few paperwork/incorrect bill issues.  It worked well because I was on a mission for victory and nothing was going to stand in my way.  So my first piece of grumpy mood advice is to sort out issues about which you know you have a good case; being already grumpy means a fail will merely add to your already bad mood, so no other days will be lost to being a bit Victor Meldrew, and a victory could improve your mood.  But mainly, I found I was unusually concise and determined in my approach.  Yet it still wasn’t enough to shake the Victor Meldrew Mood (VMM).

Being in a VMM, you are aware you need cheering up.  Fortunately for my bank account, I was not in the mood for retail therapy.  Instead, I did some get-away-from-the-Olympics holiday research.  This made me feel much better.  I am now hoping to travel on a cargo ship for up to three weeks; enquiries have been made.  I have also, on a similar theme, discovered a new hobby: ship tracking.  The live map on is just about the most fascinating thing imaginable.

To cheer myself up with foodie treats, as I refused to go out in the afternoon rain to find fruit cake, which at that time I felt I desperately needed, I made flapjacks (fruitcake takes far too long to cook and I had a sneaky suspicion I cleaned out my dried fruit on a sweet snack binge some weeks ago).  How can flapjack mixture and flapjacks not add at least a little cheer to your day?  So quick and easy and with a nice mug of tea, just, well, “aaaahhhhh”.

Finally, I dusted off every candle I could find, lit them and had a ludicrously long bath.  Thus order was restored, grumps gone and productivity increased twenty-fold.



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