{18/05/2012}   Shoes for jeans

     In my excitement at finding two pairs of jeans-shoes in my size, I bought both.  I was previously lacking when it came to shoes that go with jeans.  I am not a big fan of smart shoes with the style of jeans I usually wear, ie verging on the baggy and I feel a bit of a fake if I wear proper trainers, in that I don’t really do trainer-requiring sports.

     I usually go for footwear along the Converse lines, not that I have any Converse.  I don’t know what you’d call them, a cross between shoes and trainers in terms of smartness, I suppose.  My new ones are quite lovely.  I now have a pair of silver and white … what do you call them?  I suppose they are traditional tennis shoe style, so TTS.  I also have a pair of bright pink TTSes.  I feel they go well with jeans.

However, my feet are on the larger size, size seven.  The jeans I wore when trying them on were quite narrow at the feet, thus my feet look a touch too flippery for my liking.  But there’s nothing I can do about my long, wide feet; I shall just embrace the fact I get more shoe for my money.

I fear I am about to veer into Scholl territory here but I wish there were more choices for jeans shoes.  That said, thinking about my shoe collection, I actually have quite a few: my new silver TSS, new pink TSS, black with multicoloured laces TSS, big roll-abouty MBT grey trainers, pink floral canvas slip ons, my beloved grey and cream cowgirl boots and a pair of slightly too sensible but incredibly comfortable snug slip on slightly padded suede shoe/slip ons.  Quite a selection, and I don’t even consider myself a shoe person.  Yet still I don’t feel I have found the ultimate jean shoe.

I am so uncool.  I want to be able to wear socks with my jean shoes (summer footwear is a different matter!) but I don’t like seeing socks between jeans and shoes.  I think I would prefer not to have laces as these make the shoes a bit too sporty.  I like a bit of bounce to my jean shoe and I like colour.  And they need to be comfortable.  I think I would rather they weren’t leather, though suede or suede effect would be good.  canvas is ok but I have perhaps had a few too many wet feet incidents from rain/puddles etc plus they’re not that warm.  I am scaring myself here, I am both fussy and hideously sensible.  At least I am flexible on the colour element!  What else?  Yes, slip on is good, though high up the foot (the sock issue!).  Basically my aforementioned “comfortable snug slip on padded suede shoe/slip ons” are almost perfect, they just need to be far more exciting than slate grey!

This blog has been enlightening quite often and today I am realising just how sensible I am when it comes to shoes.  I heard myself, in my head, coming out with the likes of, “Ooo, they look comfy” as I lunged for today’s TSS!  This is all part of the growing up process, learning to love your boring tendencies.  So here it is: I love sensible jeans shoes (and shoes in general but this is a bit much for me to fully accept in one go!)


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