{20/05/2012}   Birthday blog thank you

     *WARNING: this degenerates into naffness!!!!****  It’s potentially a bit sad to blog about your birthday but as it’ll only happen once over my six-month blogging challenge, I’m going for it!

     I started my birthday in a festering mood, sleep deprived and aching.  I stayed with my mum last night and had my cat with me.  She usually stays at mum’s on her own and sleeps in my bedroom.  With me in “her room”, she stood outside my door and yowled.  And yowled.  So I felt I had to let her in.  She kept me awake what seemed like the whole night.  She pounced on my feet, walked across me, played and, most disastrously, could be heard drinking water … which I realised was the saline I’d poured into sake cups to house my contact lenses in the event of forgetting my case.  She hadn’t got down to the lens, fortunately.  I also developed aches across my chest and arms from the previous day’s kayak rolling clinic!  So I actually felt like I’d aged about 15 years.  So I felt quite sorry for myself!

After a fry up with mum and some issues with fruit netting, I then got to Chris’s, and was again made a fuss of, had a nice chat with a neighbour on the train and felt in fine fetter by the time we got to London Bridge.  I was then quite overwhelmed with the loveliness of everyone who came to my semi surprise lunch.  Thank you to all of you for making it such a lovely afternoon.  And to those who texted, Facebooked, posted cards, sang Happy Birthday and called me.  I really did feel special today and very much like a bit of a birthday princess!

I also realised how useful it is to have a blog in the run-up to your birthday as there was a distinct theme to presents and cards, based on things I’d mention in my blog!!  So there was tea, cake-related things, some quirky and interesting books and kayak themed presents.  I also got my birthday Battenburg cake from my mum and as one friend gave me a (very grown up!) cake stand, I now have my birthday cake taking pride of place on the stand, though I have mauled the iced age numbers as there is a slight degree of denial that I am ploughing through my 30s at a rate I just can’t quite comprehend!

Totally pointless blog in terms of general interest, but I really was overwhelmed with lovely birthday cheer and vibes today and it’s lovely to be reminded that you have wonderful friends.  I also really appreciate Facebook messages from people you wouldn’t otherwise hear from on your birthday.  It’s all lovely!  And a big thank you to Chris for organising today, rather him than me!   I think I may actually be gushing so I’m going to curtail this!  Thank you to everyone who contacted me in any way today because it was my birthday; my sleep deprived, achy self would’ve moped for the rest of the day otherwise!


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