{05/06/2012}   Random thoughts

          This morning I am struggling to write anything so I have decided to just write/ramble/waffle about whatever comes to mind.

                It is a bank holiday, yet from about 9am there has been a pneumatic drill at work to construct a ramp to the local police station.  I do not feel this is acceptable, it’s most annoying.

Today being Tuesday, rendering Wednesday a Monday, is going to confuse me for the rest of the week.

The pressure is on to type and think a bit faster as my laptop has just told me I have a low battery.

It is 10.30am and I haven’t had my morning coffee yet, if only I could train my cat to make my coffee.  I think that would perk me up no end, which bothers me as I’m not that comfortable with the concept of being addicted to caffeine!  If I do go on a cargo ship for a four ish week voyage, I suppose I won’t get decent coffee.  I have also been wondering about their being ample food.  Maybe I could use up my 100kg baggage allowance with food and drink?  I am still undecided about doing such a long voyage.  I had wanted to not have my mobile or email for the duration but I realised yesterday that it probably wouldn’t even be possible to check in on Facebook to unidentified location in the middle of the sea.  Do you have mobile reception or internet on boats?

I am very much over the pneumatic drill noise, if indeed it could ever be said I was into it.  Surely a police station ramp isn’t a bank holiday necessity job?

I don’t know what to do today, it was touch and go that I might be going to a street party but I am relieved not to be going, especially as it’s forecast to rain this afternoon.  I like the idea of street parties for community spirit and all that but toasting the Queen seems a bit odd to me.  I also wonder if street parties are at all like the – is it Kellogg’s – advert where a whole street has tables lined up and everyone is merrily eating their bowls of cereal.  I think I can be a little too influenced by rose tinted images of things!

Someone has started drilling in their flat now, it sounds like it’s coming through my floor.  Really, a pneumatic drill and an electric drill, it’s going to drive me to distraction!

I had a friend stay Sunday to Monday, yesterday, and we went out to lots of places and I felt like I’d had a long weekend already.  I am now stumped at having another day and what to do with it.  I feel I should be out and about but there is a chance I will largely stay in, though I may be lured out by a tea and cake session later on!

Apparently there is 11% remaining on my battery.  It looks like I’ve just made it to 500 words, hurrah; this really was a pitiful attempt at writing a blog post!


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