{10/06/2012}   My life in boxes: one year ago …

               On 10th June 2011, I was moving home.  I am still in that flat, unusually without plans to move for the foreseeable future (well, maybe December!!!).  In the past 18 years I have had 20 different addresses and moved much more than that.  I have never owned a house, indeed can’t imagine wanting to stay somewhere long enough to make the moving fees worthwhile!

               This time last year it was very warm and I had a rotten cold and sore throat.  Two men with one van (very large van, for I have a distressing amount of stuff for one who moves so often!) helped me load up in London and here in Folkestone two friends helped out.  I wasn’t feeling at all good, I felt bad about how much stuff I had and how many boxes or bags had broken while being lugged up the three flights of stairs to this flat and, despite it being a big flat, once everything was unloaded I couldn’t see how or where everything could possibly fit.

One year on and I am still dreading the thought of ever moving out and having to spend a morning or afternoon traipsing up and down the three flights of steps.  I also have more furniture (one of the men with van suggested unhelpfully that if renting furnished accommodation made much more sense – been there, done that and I got fed up with having people’s cast off furniture, hence my mismatched but largely beloved furniture!).

Sometimes I think about buying a place of my own and it seems like a lovely idea.  I have visions of redecorating, new bathroom, new kitchen and, something I’ve always wanted, new carpets.  But then I think how lazy I am and how unlikely it would be for me to galvanise myself into a decorating frenzy.  Plus these things cost a small fortune.  I suppose the key for me would be to decorate before moving in, biting the bullet and paying someone else to do it!  But then I think about where I’d want to live for at least a few years.  Nowhere.  I love London, I love being by the sea.  It can never work.  So a compromise would perhaps be where I’ve lived twice before, Rotherhithe, right by the river.  Ah, yes, how to fund that!!!

However, over the years and with every move, I am getting a clear idea of rooms I’d want, etc.  One day, I may refer back to this.  Things I like and would want in a future home I buy:

Bedrooms: three bedrooms (two as bedrooms, one as a proper study, complete with snooze area and lined with book cases and shelves; a library study rather than a bedroom perhaps).

Bathrooms: at least two toilets (this has become quite an unexpected requirement!), a large cast iron bath, a very large stand up shower, possibly with rain forest shower, there must be windows in bathrooms, the main bathroom to be spacious.

Kitchen: enormous, so much so that it takes a good few seconds to walk across it and there is room for a breakfast table and chairs, a six-ring gas hob with an electric and a gas oven (currently have a five-ring version and that will just about do!), a huge fridge and freezer, a double sink, lots of windows and light, lots of cupboard space.

Lounge: fairly big, lots of light.

Utility room: why are they not obligatory?  I have one now, my washing machine is in it, the cat has her dining room and toilet in there, there’s a wash basin in there … so useful.

Outside: a small grassy garden or a really long garden that has various flat levels which go down to the beach (I have my eye on some houses near here!) and/or a roof terrace with sea or river views.

Dining room: not that bothered.  Maybe just make the kitchen bigger and have that as a dining room too?!

Ah, yes, I can almost picture it.  But I really can’t think where I’d want it to be.  It’s going to work that causes the problems, ie the practicality factor.  Oh well, for now at least I shall enjoy not planning to move, especially as the horrors of my last move so often flash before me!


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