{13/06/2012}   Dating: where on earth are all the single dateable men?

               A lot of my closest, bestest, loveliest friends are single.  Unfortunately, they are all heterosexual women so no chance of match-making within those friends.  I have often talked to friends about how and where people meet each other based on our friends’ stories.  That doesn’t seem to help.  So how on earth do single women (for the purposes of this post) meet equally lovely men?

                I would love to be able to match-make friends, but it seems I don’t know any single men.  Most annoying.  And it seems that none of the friends I have recently asked have any single male friends either, though the odd inappropriate one was dismissed (philanderer types).  I am sorry for anyone reading this hoping for suggestions or enlightenment, I have none.  Well, you never know.

Thinking about people I know, a few have met on public transport, believe it or not (a plane, two bus stories and I vaguely recall a train story somewhere), next door neighbour, quite a few through internet dating, through friends, through school or university, through work and through sport clubs.  I get the general impression that nobody is particularly keen to “resort to” the internet option, but I can think of at least three couples, all happy, who I know met via online dating.

I really don’t understand why my single female friends are single.  They are all exceptional people, intelligent and witty.  But maybe part of it is that they are generally independent, have good social lives and lots of close friends.  I also fear there’s an age thing.  Working on the assumption that my friends are around my age, ie mid-30s to 40s, I fear there are men older than them who are conscious that if they want children from their next relationship, a younger “model” would be better.  One friend recently said that she’d found a fair few men on a dating site older than her but requesting women quite a bit younger than her.  This pisses me off, but I guess that’s another issue.

I really want to find suitable men to match-make with friends and sometimes I encounter men I think would be good with X, but I haven’t (yet!) had the balls to ask them if they’re single and would they like to go on a blind date!  A couple I know met after a blind date set up by another couple, one of whom was friends with the now-husband and the other with the now-wife.  Equally, such blind date scenarios have been disastrous, as I can personally attest!

Why does it seem that all the good ones are taken or are divorced/divorcing and/or with children from a previous relationship?  These are difficult things to grapple with.  But surely if there are single women out there who have never been married and don’t have children, why can there not be men at that same level of singledom?  Or maybe they are, I just don’t know any.

So if you are reading this and know of some single men, please let me know and surely we could set up some blind dates?  This may be a bit too Jane Austen’s Emma, but if it could make two people happy to have met and two people happy to have sorted those two to meet, surely it’d be worth it.


Kyla says:

Babe, as I’ve always said: I’m waiting for the first round of divorces. Sick but unfortunately true … xxx

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